The new hot trend on pergolas: “Do it yourself”!

If you want to add a pergola and have light technical skills, you should get to know the “do it yourself- pergola kit” in order to save money.

Unikit pergola (photo credit: Courtesy)
Unikit pergola
(photo credit: Courtesy)
In a hot and sunny country like the State of Israel, it’s no surprise that in the past decade pergolas have become a part of the house. Pergolas have been installed on balconies, parking lots, backyards and on front lawns have given more of a uniquely designed look and support a more effective use of the exterior space of the house, mainly by adding shade for hot summer days.  
DIY- (“do it yourself”) one of the most popular trends created in the last decade, made its way to the pergolas. Until now, installing pergolas demanded knowledge and construction work, but today you can order a pergola kit from UniKit and install it yourself. Not only do you save yourself lots of money, but also much satisfaction…
Every home needs a pergola
In the past few years, pergolas that once were confusing and difficult to build, slowly became simple and easy to install mostly because of two main changes:
Aluminum Pergolas- The first important change in terms of pergolas is the use of aluminum. If in the past pergolas were created from wood, today you can find a wide range of materials such as steel, synthetic resources (that are not found in Israel) or aluminum. The entry of Aluminum Pergolas can be seen as the most significant milestone in the field.” said Moish’le Yaffa, the marketing CEO of Unikit- the leading aluminum solutions company that launched about two years ago the ‘do it yourself pergola kits’. “Aluminum has many advantages in terms of capabilities and diverse designs but mostly because of its cost and durability. Aluminum gives off a modern and sleek look. The aluminum beams are relatively large and therefore can be used for wide surfaces and does not require maintenance over the years.” 
Reformed Pergolas- The second most important transformation is the reform pergola which came into effect in the year of 2015. Prior to this, in order to install a pergola one must receive a building permit or a permit from the local authorities (this is similar to the approval of adding a room to your home) which was a long and burdensome bureaucratic process. The reformation of the pergola has simplified the process and today in order to install a pergola all that is required is to fill out a document that reports the construction and to send it to the local authorities. And that’s all. After sending the document, you can install your pergola instantly. 
The Future Generation: Self-Assembled Aluminum Pergolas.

Despite all the new changes and innovations that have occurred in terms of pergolas- until two years ago, whoever wanted to install a pergola had to hire a contractor to put it together. Even if he knew how and preferred to put it together, it was only a matter of time until the new “do it yourself” trend would catch up and provide a solution that will allow private customers to order the pergola they want directly from the manufacturer and assemble it independently. 
In pursuance after the request, a solution was found- 
Self-Assembling Pergolas by Unikit!
“For years now we have been creating aluminum pergolas for contractors” Yaffa said. “Over the years we have learned to identify the desire of the customer to order a pergola that suits them and that can be self-assembled. From our deep familiarity with aluminum and specifically aluminum pergolas, we understood that the installation is very simple to anyone who has light technical skills. This is what led us to creating the Do it Yourself Pergola Kit that includes all the ready parts such as beams, flaps, screws, wall angles etc. All you need is a ladder, a leveler, a screwdriver and a drill.” 
The savings are enormous! 

If you were wondering if all this work is really worth it, then pay attention to this: The average market price that one pays for an aluminum pergola ordered by a contractor is 650NIS per square meter. As appose to 370-420NIS per square meter that you can pay to install this pergola by yourself- almost half the price!
“The aluminum itself is not costly. The main cost is due to the installation.” Yaffa says. “As you see the cost of installation, you can receive the same product at almost half the price. Because the price is according to square meter, you can save as much as thousands of shekels.”
How is the process done?

Yaffa explains that the ordering process of a kit is similar to ordering a contractor.
The first step is clarifying the needs and requests of the customer. For example: the type of pergola (pergola with stands or hanging pergolas...), the amount of shade (diagonal panels that give a lot of shade or rectangular panels that allow light to enter) etc. 
The next step is to take the measurements that are requested and deciding the desired color shade. The measurements are to be done independently or by a measurer from the company (with a symbolic cost of 250 NIS). The color shade can be chosen through the huge variety of  RAL colors - which can be found in any paint store.
“Once we have in our hands all the data needed, we start a process of creating the kit. It then takes up to 18 work days until the customer receives their very own house kit” says Yaffa. “The installation itself is very simple and takes between one to two days.
The pergolas are built with the option to wire lighting, speakers or a ceiling fan after installation is done. 
What about safety? 
Yaffa emphasizes that each pergola model created by the company has an engineer approval, and every kit is created according to instruction and regulations that were given. “With that being said, it is important to install the pergola as instructed and to make sure that it is properly reinforced in place. If you decide to add lighting, a ceiling fan or speakers, it is recommended to do so with a qualified electrician.”
So… before you go and order a contractor to build you a pergola, remember that you have the option to save a significant amount of money without having to detract the quality of your own pergola. Even if you do not know how or don’t want to install it by yourself- you can always call a renovator to do to do it for you. 
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