The Pardesia Project: True luxury in a quality, warm community

Experience the luxury and comfort you deserve by purchasing or renting an apartment in the prestigious Plasim Premium Project

Pardesia (photo credit: VIEWPOINT)
(photo credit: VIEWPOINT)
Experience the luxury and comfort you deserve by purchasing or renting an apartment in the prestigious Plasim Premium Project, in the new Hadar Hasharon neighborhood by the Pardesia moshava (county), in Israel’s stunning Sharon region.  

The exquisite, spacious apartments, surrounded by Israel’s most beautiful country areas and nature reserves,  are perfect for those who are looking to buy their dream home in Israel or just to rent – long or short term.    

The Plasim Premium complex has been developed by the well-established Plasim construction company - a leading international real estate corporation, which has been operating for the past 25 years in residential construction in Israel and North America.  The company has built thousands of housing units across the country, including in Rishon Lezion, Kfar Saba, Kadima, Modiin, Netanya, Gan Yavne, Shoham and Ashkelon.  

Plasim specialize in leading real estate projects ranging from characterization and planning, through all stages of development and construction, culminating in the marketing of the apartments, cottages and villas in Israel and around the world.  

Miri Zalman, Marketing CEO of Plasim Homes, explains why the Pardesia complex is perfect for olim (immigrants to Israel) and people coming from abroad to either buy or rent: “As we are offering group purchases or rentals, olim can create for themselves a community within a community – a family within a family. Families and friends can come to Israel and stay within their own comfort zone, while getting to know Israel.”  

Zalman continues, “The schools in Pardesia are ranked among the best in Israel. In the new Hadar Hasharon neighborhood, we have new schools, including a pre-school, and an elementary and high school.”   

Zalman says, “ In these challenging COVID times, the new Hadar Hasharon neighborhood is perfect as there is so much space outside, so that people  - especially children – can play sports  and enjoy themselves while being safe. Also, as the apartments are so spacious, it would be perfect for people working from home at the moment and needing that extra breathing space.”   

“What makes our properties stand out is how modern they are. All of the kitchens are fully equipped with the most up-to-date gadgets and technical appliances,” Zalman states.  

Zalman concludes,” As people who are interested in buying or renting at Hadar Hasharon can’t come at the moment to see the property for themselves due to COVID, we are arranging digital tours.”    

Hadar Hasharon has plenty of space for sports and recreation, as well as a business zone.  On the one hand there are sports pitches, leisure facilities, lawns and areas for culture and entertainment and on the other, there is a commercial and employment center which will provide employment opportunities.   

The Pardesia Project is perfectly located to serve all ages and needs. If you are looking to spend time by the beach and enjoy Israel’s holiday resorts, well, Pardesia is just a 30 minute drive from Tel Aviv and a 10 minute drive from Netanya and 15 minutes  from Raanana.    

For those who need to commute for work, Pardesia is near several major highways, including Highway 4. The closest train station is Beit Yehoshua and there are plenty of local and inter-city buses.   

The educational facilities in Pardesia are outstanding and go from primary to high schools, providing both full formal and informal curricula.    

There is a real sense of community in Pardesia, which makes it a perfect choice for families with young children, as well as older people and retirees.  

There is a truly multicultural feel to Pardesia which is why olim will feel comfortable here. Being close to Tel Aviv, Netanya, Raanana and other cities in central cities means the languages range from English and French to Russian and Spanish –you may even hear Hebrew too!    

Privacy is another key aspect of the Pardesia complex. The ground floor apartments have a side entrance and those on the first floor have private elevators for residents only.   

Another central feature of the Pardesia apartments are how modern and well-designed they are with the most advanced electrical and technical appliances and gadgets – especially the fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms.    

If you are looking for religious amenities – you will find them here in. There is a range of synagogues to serve your needs.    

You can either purchase or rent the apartments - with an option for long-term rental – of up to 5 years. You can also rent the apartments in a group – in other words, families can rent all the apartments in the whole building.    


The apartments in more detail:   

There are 20 apartments available in five buildings. Ten on the ground floor with gardens and ten on the first floor with balconies.    

There are four apartments in each building and the entrance has a lobby, with private elevators to access the apartments on the first floor. 

The ground apartments have a delightful garden area and private side entrance and the apartments on the first floor have private elevators and balconies with a beautiful view of the surrounding area.   

The apartments are very spacious - five room – 170 sq.m. would be reasonable - much larger than the average apartment. The master bedrooms have walk-in wardrobes and are fully furnished with ample storage space. 

The apartments are on one level, without the needs to use stairs.  

Each apartment has three bathrooms, with Italian cabinets, an acrylic bathtub, and a heater and is decorated with a mirror, and delightful porcelain tiling.  

The individually designed kitchen has a digital oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and all the latest appliances. The white kitchen cabinets, include a high-in building unit. The body of the cabinets is lined with molded formica and the kitchen has a luxury granite kitchen sink, and includes a removable faucet.   

The garden area is kept by top gardeners and has trees, plants and beautiful flowers. The whole area is clean and well-kept and has a really peaceful atmosphere, with rural, green scenery.   


Specific features in more detail:   

• Garden area up to 130 sq. m.
• Large balcony area up to 38 sq. m.
• Private storehouse for each apartment.
• Two parking spaces per apartment.
• Each apartment has two units of air conditioning which will keep you cool in the summer.
• Huge windows that create a light-filled home.
• Cladding and flooring with 120 x 120 (larger than usual) porcelain granite tiles that cover the entire apartment. 
• CCTV intercom system with viewing screen and electrical accessories throughout the apartment. 
• Solar water heating system to save electricity.   
• The buildings are finished with luxury tiles according to the choice of the project architect. 
• TV and telephone points in all rooms, with the infrastructure for cable or satellite. 
• The infrastructure for a home cinema with plasma screens in living room and master bedroom. 
• The infrastructure for computer networks in each room.    

These stylish, brand new apartments are waiting for you to purchase or rent.  

For more details and to arrange a digital viewing, please contact us: 054 669 7959 and visit our website:

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