The problem of gambling in adolescence

One of the most popular forms of entertainment in recent times among adults is gambling.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
One of the most popular forms of entertainment in recent times among adults is gambling. Teenagers have also found in online casino an opportunity to entertain their free time, in addition to sharing this activity with friends. Unfortunately, a high percentage of young people have problems with the use of gambling.

The problem of gambling among young people is increasing, even in many countries it is considered a public health problem.
A significant average of young people is classified as a "pathological or problematic player." Studies suggest that 80% of teenagers, at some time in their lives, have played games of chance; Adolescence is the most vulnerable time and very easy to influence, coupled with the fact that this activity takes place in secret and with the complicity of other adolescents, it is more difficult to discover that a young man has problems with the game, unlike alcohol, the Tobacco and drugs, there are no obvious symptoms that reveal this condition.
At present, young people are very exposed to gambling: the easy access to the internet and the wide publicity that announces gambling as a fun entertainment, with which, in addition, profits are obtained and can be shared with friends .
Permanently, gambling aimed at a specific audience is on the market, making it very striking for youth in general. The accessibility and acceptance of gambling influence the problems associated with gambling and tend to increase in the adult population, but that invites children and young people.


The advancement of technology allows casinos to analyze their visitors individually. Supervision systems allow the casino to observe in real time the way in which a player places his bets and to know exactly his losses and his winnings. This knowledge is for casinos a very important marketing tool: the best way to know the player's tastes, the time he spends in the games and the way to keep them satisfied.

The casinos have created clubs, to which the players register voluntarily, attracted by the stimuli they offer as dinners, gifts or tickets for shows. In this way the casino starts a supervision, which the player has unconsciously allowed. The membership card granted to the player allows the casino to keep a detailed record of the movements of each player on the machines, in this way he knows his habits, the machines of his preference, the amount of his bets, the losses and earnings, your favorite liquor and the foods of your choice. Up to 70% of slot machine players in casinos, belong to a club and the casinos that frequent have the possibility of collecting bonuses very easily, making their stay in the casino more enjoyable and fun.


The gaming industry, sees a great future in today, children and adolescents, for this they create games of chance for teenagers with their favorite characters, to please and attract them. It is important that parents maintain a constant and educational dialogue with their children regarding the dangers and consequences of online gambling. The constant supervision and control over the accounts that young people use, the restriction on internet access, have become the most powerful weapon to get young people away from this problem.

Mostly the warnings found in online casinos are inadequate. The prohibition of playing for minors is low and at least 20% of gambling sites have no warning.