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 (photo credit: SAKHIB WASEEM)
(photo credit: SAKHIB WASEEM)

MoU with Israel

LONDON, January 2021 The Proof of Trust, the world’s first globally patented smart contract validation and automated dispute resolution platform, is proud to announce a newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with the Israeli Blockchain Association (“IBA”), a leading network of blockchain professionals, investors, leaders, and policymakers. 

Through the agreement, The Proof of Trust will expedite the global development and implementation of its innovative, sector agnostic technology, which provides assurance of all smart contracts, digital dispute resolution and data verification.

The IBA and its members will gain access to The Proof of Trust’s globally patented protocol to test and develop novel business and governmental applications for the technology – promoting transparency and business continuity. The Proof of Trust will work closely with the IBA to ensure the tools and support needed to accelerate the implementation of new applications are available.

This is the second international MoU signed by The Proof of Trust, following an agreement with the Government of Bermuda, earlier this month, to test the development of a new smart government system. 

Photo credit: UnsplashPhoto credit: Unsplash

Yosef Shaftal, Executive Director, Israeli Blockchain Association commented: “The Israeli Blockchain Association was founded to act as a bridge of innovation between Israel and worldwide ecosystems. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that it behoves traditional businesses and enterprises to start incorporating blockchain based solutions to increase their productivity, efficiency, and bottom lines. The Proof of Trust’s revolutionary, system agnostic technology allows regular businesses and government bodies to incorporate blockchain technology without sacrificing existing infrastructure they have in place.”

“We expect this agreement to be highly beneficial to both the private and public sectors, allowing them to vastly improve their processes. We look forward to working closely with The Proof of Trust and helping them educate the Israeli market as to the benefits of using their ground-breaking technology.”

Dean Armstrong, CEO of The Proof of Trust, commented: “This agreement marks an exciting step for The Proof of Trust as we continue to expand internationally. Israel has one of the fastest growing blockchain start-up ecosystems in the world, a well-established professional services industry, as well as a digitally native government, making it a perfect testing ground for our ground-breaking technology. 

“Against the backdrop of Covid-19, now is the perfect time to adopt and implement innovative new technologies that can improve business continuity and embed trust and transparency across all digital first systems.”

About The Proof of Trust

The Proof of Trust is a UK based company which has designed, and patented, an innovative and disruptive technology that is set to reshape traditional legal, business, and governmental processes. The Proof of Trust has the only globally patented protocol specifically designed to act as an assurance layer, validating data and preventing invalid or insecure smart contracts from executing.

The Proof of Trust provides a system of resolution that is extra judicial and extra jurisdictional. The technology can be seamlessly integrated into both blockchain based and legacy technology with enterprise grade security. Decisions are reached rapidly and with integrity, increasing productivity, providing clarity, reducing resolution time, and reducing associated costs. In a world that demands speed and security of resolution, The Proof of Trust is a true disruptor.

For further information, please visit or contact [email protected]

About Israeli Blockchain Association

Founded in 2017, the Israeli Blockchain Association (IBA) is the hub which unites blockchain enthusiasts, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors with the goal to strengthen the local ecosystem, and represent it on a worldwide scale. Managed by serial entrepreneurs Yosef Shaftal and Tal Shahar, the IBA has over 40 corporate, governmental and academic partners all over the world.