The Visionary Youtuber, Actor, Singer & A Social Media Influencer, Zachary Neil Tarnopol

Zachary Tarnopol is an artist who takes something great and raw and polishes it to make something inspiring and exceptional.

David Dobrik (left) with Zachary Tarnopol (right) (photo credit: INSTAGRAM.COM/POKEY)
David Dobrik (left) with Zachary Tarnopol (right)
(photo credit: INSTAGRAM.COM/POKEY)

Raised in America, Zachary Tarnopol is quite the Jack of all trades. He was always intrigued and fascinated by the growing trend of online games and the ways of social media. His ardor for gaming is what made him start a YouTube channel named Poke or Pokediger1 at the naive age of 9. Within no time, his channel amassed a whopping total of  4.5 million followers and over 1 billion views. His content mainly deals with gaming videos, innovative experiments, pranks, etc. With an aptitude and kindling passion for content creation, business, social media, and singing, what started out as a fun project has now turned into a full-fledged career. The overwhelming and positive responses on his YouTube videos encouraged and inspired him to continue and believe in himself.

To expand his career, Zachary ventured into entrepreneurship and started his very own firm Poke Media LLC. The firm revolves around the concepts of idea generation and content creation and offers a distinctive and robust gaming creation system to budding gamers. Being ambitious and devoted he started tapping into other niches and decided to enter the very glamorous world of entertainment. He finessed dexterity and went into media production and professional editing. The staggering entrepreneur launched his very own Amazon prime series which consists a total of 36 seasons. He didn’t just stop there. He also pursued his fervour for music and in 2017 released his music video and album Ant, SeeDeng, Poke - PRESTONPLAYZ ROBLOX. In 2018, the unstoppable Zachary released another music track Wallet so Fat. Working with eminent record labels and artists acquainted him with several great contacts increasing his reach.

This opened a gate of opportunities for him which only catered to the growth and flourishment of his career. In 2017 Zachary Tarnopol did a voice cameo in the eminent sci-fi animation film The Last Guest for the Poke Bacon Soldier character. He gets prominent job offers from the media companies and institutions daily but Zachary believes in his own venture and work. He wants the freedom to express himself through his art without the control of superior power. The entertainment industry has always been an outlet to showcase creativity and ideas for many brilliant and successful artists like him.

On the journey of making a difference, following his passion and redefining the industry, Zachary Tarnopol is eccentric and enjoying every moment of it. His future endeavours and big projects show promise and will surely flourish and have an impact on the industry. Zachary Tarnopol was also awarded the prestigious Golden Play Button and Silver Play Button for his exceptional performance and notability.