The X Factor for maximizing sales in e-commerce shops: Customer experience

  (photo credit: 123RF)
(photo credit: 123RF)

Creating an e-commerce store with the X-factor that shines consistently is not an ordinary skill or one that’s easy to pick up. We recently sat down with Original Concepts, a business that helps forward-thinking e-commerce owners excel online by crafting stores that sell non-stop! They shed some insight on how entrepreneurs and business owners can shine online with a show-stopping website that generates regular sales and income.

How to Shine Online

This is done using unique tools, top-of-the-line automation, intelligent promotion methods, and buckets full of creativity from experts with decades in the industry. After all, the future of your e-commerce store hangs on a high-performing website, and you want to go to an expert who can cut through the online noise and place your store at the center stage in the spotlight. 

Navigate through the site to get answers to those burning questions, such as; 

  • How much money should I spend on advertising per month?
  • What type of time commitment is required to service a high-performing e-commerce store?
  • What type of store management tasks should be addressed daily?
  • How many sales can I expect each month?

Benefits of a High-Performing Online Store

  • Break into new markets and expand your customer base
  • Reduce time-consuming hassles like phone orders
  • Improve customer communication and overall service
  • Reduce significant line-ups in physical stores
  • Reduce inquiries on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, freeing up more time to be in your business and invest more resources in marketing
  • Target and reach new desired audiences locally and abroad

Credit: 123RFCredit: 123RF

This is just a glimpse of possible outcomes your e-commerce store could achieve. Today, it's increasingly more popular for businesses to have an online store. In fact, every year, a new online sales record is set, and a decreased percentage occurs in physical stores. This means that if stores that sell physical products want to remain relevant and even outgrow their current level of success, they have to not only adapt to the world of e-commerce but master it too. This means creating a way to stand out online and avoiding cookie-cutter methods and designs. Instead, you need to create a website that works for you and makes your customer feel like they are the star of the show. 

But, a successful store with first-class customer experience is only part of the equation. Our experts shared that their most successful clients are the ones that are committed to investing in the success of their store, themselves, and their business. For many, this looks like regularly monitoring and servicing the store, constantly promoting the store through various methods, channels, and platforms, and allowing their creativity to take an active role throughout the process. Maximizing sales takes time; successful e-commerce owners know this and are dedicated to continually promoting and perfecting their online presence, on and off the store site. 

So, we can see from the prior success of others that creating a site with the x-factor is only a piece of the equation. Investing in additional services to help business owners snowball their growth and success is what truly sets some online stores apart from the rest. To support your growth beyond the initial website creation, consider investing in services such as; compatible store applications, email automation, development and maintenance packages, store advertising, and more. That is, if you’re in it for the long haul!

Your Next Step

Just imagine it; new audiences, international reach, more sales, hundreds of happy customers all receiving a high level of customer service and feeling seen (which makes them want to keep coming back!). Speaking about business and innovation, success doesn’t happen overnight, but it does leave clues; contact an expert in the e-commerce space to plot the success of your center-stage e-commerce store! 

This article was written in cooperation with Original concepts