Things you need to do after a car accident

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There are more than six million car accidents that happen alone in the US. Fortunately, not all of them lead to deaths- they have a lot of property damage though- vehicle damage. However, reports suggest that one in three of such accidents involve injury to the personal self, the driver or the passengers sitting in the car- some of them being fatal as well. If you or someone you know has been involved unfortunately in such an accident, there are some things that you should do so that your rights and interests are protected say experts from

What to do if you have a car accident?

1. The first thing is to STOP!

Do not move away or drive away from the accident scene. Even if it is a minor one. Protect the scene if you can by setting up some flares or by keeping the car flashers on. If it is at night that the accident has happened, and your car lights aren’t working, don’t panic. Use a flashlight and wait in the disabled car or just wait by the side of the car on the road and wait for help,  Car accident lawyers

2. Get in touch with the cops as soon as possible

Even if the injury is a minor one, you must call the police. They will help you file a claim with your insurance provider. And they will help you file a claim for vehicle damage too. Let the car involved in the accident be where it is, unless you are told to move it so that traffic is not interrupted.

3. Accurately record everything

Tell the investigating officers when they arrive everything that happened, as much as you can. Be honest- if you are unsure of facts, let the officer know. Don’t assume, speculate or misstate anything. If you are injured and don’t know about it (often injuries and pains come up hours after the accident), let the officer know about it. Ensure that the statements made by the other party are true and correct- be around when it is being recorded, say Car accident lawyers

4. Photograph everything

If you have a camera on you or in your vehicle, take pictures- even your cell phone camera is good to use. Take pictures of the vehicle where there are damages made and while doing that, do not interfere with the investigation that is ongoing as being done by the police.

Experts at say that more than six million car accidents happen in the US alone, and more than ninety people lose their lives everyday in such accidents. Around three million are injured in the US because of such accidents and around two million suffer from permanent injuries as well.

5. Exchange information

The investigating police officer would get all the information he needs, but if he doesn’t respond on time to the accident, you must be proactive and take the name, the address and the phone number of the people involved in the mess- passengers and drivers alike. Get the insurance details of the other party too, all of them that are involved in the accident and for all vehicles involved as well. This is important, say Car accident lawyers to represent your case in court. 

6. The accident must be reported.

Your insurance company should be notified at once and soon. Most insurance companies would ask for immediate reporting and full help from your end. You must also check with your insurance company if you are eligible for medical benefits from your policy or not. Most insurance companies offer “medpay”, which you pay extra for- use it.

7. Get medical help

Sometimes, on the spot you may feel nothing or notice no injuries or pains once the accident happens. Most clients report it after a day or two. Unless you are very sure that you are not injured, you must report for medical help at the local emergency room or check with your family doctor. Even if the impact from the car accident is minor, chances are you could sustain permanent and very serious injuries to the spinal cord. You could have even lost consciousness or suffered a daze from the collision for a short amount of time because of the accident, and it could result in a concussion or a head injury which is not visible. If left untreated, this could cause behavioral and cognitive disorders later on, say Car accident lawyers.

8. A file should be kept

You should have a file which encompasses all accident related documents and all forms of information too. What you need to store in this file are the claim number, the adjuster of the claim (name), phone numbers of everyone involved in the accident, the receipt of the rental car(if the car was rented) and miscellaneous expenses incurred because of the accident.

Know your rights and protect them. This is the most important thing to do after you have been involved in a car accident. Get in touch with an expert Car accident lawyers. Insurance companies would want to take statements from you soon after your car accident, so that evidence is not destroyed. Let your car accident lawyer protect your rights. You should get legal advice before you provide any statement to anyone. Let your car accident lawyer advise you for the same. He or she would tell you ways on how to get a fair compensation for the damages done to your vehicle and how to get the best medical treatment too.

Experts at say if you have been in a car accident and the fault was not yours but someone else’s, you must remember that you have the full right to be fully compensated for your injuries sustained- property damage included. This would come out from the settlement of the car accident claim, from the party at fault- their insurance company or through a lawsuit. So you must document everything after the accident, have patience and be persistent. 

We hope you now have all the information as to what to do if you are in a car accident? Be safe, drive safe!

This article was written in cooperation with Mike Morse Law Firm