This intelligent assistant and a daily planner take care of your grunt work just by talking

When we hear the term artificial intelligence (AI)

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
When we hear the term artificial intelligence (AI), we cannot help but think of The Terminator or The Matrix—some kind of super-intelligent computer that eventually destroys humanity; however, those are mostly the Hollywood versions of AI.

Today, in our real world, AI has an entirely different meaning. The term mostly refers to a computer system designed to handle very specialized and binary tasks. More specifically, AI is a set of algorithms configured in a certain way for a particular intent and outcome. An excellent example of its usage is in streaming and shopping services, where they use AI to suggest certain shows or recommend items to buy based on our previous purchases or browsing history.

Despite the advancements in Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, and their ever-growing sophistication, to compare these algorithms at their current stage to those we have seen in Hollywood movies is a stretch too far. However, that is something C9 Companion has set out to change; it is taking today’s AI technology much further toward that very science-fictional definition through innovation and an entirely different way of approaching and implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems. 

To achieve that, C9 architecture was designed not just using a few algorithms, but a grid of innovative, unorthodox, and sophisticated algorithms working in harmony to process, analyze, and classify a complex of input information to produce contextual data in natural human language while performing on-the-fly tasks.

It is comprised of a few technological inventions in the way the computer system thinks and understands the user input to create a seamless, realistic, and natural human interaction capability that ultimately brings life to the machine.

At its current and early stage of development, we can think of C9 as our intelligent virtual assistant and a daily planner that takes care of all our exhausting tasks just by communicating in the most humanistic way. This initial phase includes four primary functions, 1) AI Chat, 2) Scheduling, 3) Taking Notes and To-Do lists, and 4) Calorie and Nutrients Tracker. Each feature is amazingly simple to navigate and extraordinarily intuitive yet elegant, but how they all flow through C9 is something from sci-fi movies indeed.

For example, while having a casual and fun conversation about our day with C9, we can ask it to log our grocery and to-do lists, calculate and save our daily intake of calories and nutrients automatically, take notes and meeting minutes, or simply schedule events and set reminders with just a few words.

The Companion parent company, P.D.R. VC (Santa Monica, CA), did not share with us their detailed plans for the next phase of C9 development in 2021, only a promise to expect another set of innovative technological and off-grid capabilities in software and hardware for standalone C9 units.

C9 Companion has now opened its platform for early sign-up for accessing its app before a public offering later this year.