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Cyber 2.0 aims to protect workers at home from cyberattacks

Rishon Lezion-based cybersecurity company Cyber 2.0 describes likely efforts to target employees at home as the "new golden way of hackers" into businesses.


5 Recent Virus Studies Made in Israel

Viral studies have become rampant lately, as new species of human viruses are constantly being identified.

Man analyzes computer code

Israeli-made virus bypasses Apple firewalls, infects Macs

The virus, named OSX/Linker, was discovered by Intego's cyber security personnel.

Hacker attacks major Israeli websites, temporarily shutting them down

An anonymous hacker could have brought parts of the Israeli economy to a halt over Shabbat, when it compromised hundreds of websites and destroyed nearly 1 million web pages.

Report: Rouhani's cellphone bugged by unknown party

The Al Jazeera report also said Iran neutralized a new version of the Stuxnet virus, a computer virus reportedly created by the United States and Israel.

Email hacking and viruses – business in Israel is reacting

Retruster founder Snape's decision to move to Israel has lead him to connect to some of the smartest minds in the cyber security industry.

Computer hacking

Israeli researchers show how malware can steal data from Wi-Fi routers

Guri’s findings are just the latest in a series of studies at BGU’s Cyber Security Research Center dedicated to uncovering and demonstrating vulnerabilities of electronic devices.

Hacked (illustrative)

‘Mahdi’ virus stole data on national infrastructure

Computer virus with Persian words in program code that infected Israeli computers turns on recording devices, steal files.

IDF field commanders to learn about cyber warfare

Course aimed at teaching senior officers, mainly infantry, armor and artillery brigade commanders, about cyber warfare and its effects on ground ops.

Hacked (illustrative)

Expert: 'Flame' can sabotage computers, attack Iran

Flame computer virus not only does espionage, but also sabotages computer systems, likely was used to attack Iran.

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