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 (photo credit: KEVIN THOBIAS)
(photo credit: KEVIN THOBIAS)

Fashion has evolved over the years to represent an individual's beliefs, their unique flavor, as well as a message of personal self-expression that comes to define them. The retail industry has seen a steady influx of turnkey fashion that is made of cheap material, thus making it more burdensome to find brands and pieces that have style and flair, while being made of high-quality material. Enter Thobias, a new fashion label that seeks to absolve an individual’s struggle with finding great pieces with flair, while maintaining quality at a reasonable price.

Kevin Thobias is an adroit e-commerce entrepreneur who is widely recognized for turning two million dollars worth of Tesla stock into twelve million, such business acumen will definitely be critical in catapulting his latest venture, Thobias, into mainstream popularity when it comes to tailoring clothing that focuses on the unique style of women.

If a consumer wants to purchase clothing that is fairly cheap, they have to settle for quality that is far from great. The popular and renowned brands often lack the component of quality, they can be worn to glamorous events for a few weeks, but the quality will quickly deteriorate after washing the clothes several times over. Thobias seeks to have the foundational principles of his company to be focused on never settling, in terms of style and quality. He wants women to have the best of both worlds, at a price that is cost-efficient. Thobias has European-style designs with a great price, something that will make him a name to remember in the women’s fashion industry.

Once a style becomes popular, many brands will often integrate this design into their own clothing, as well as repeat popular designs. Thobias wants to change the landscape of online retail with new designs that are founded on the pillars of authenticity. Thobias will not have his clothing made in countries with cheap labor like China, but will have the clothes designed in London, and produced in Los Angeles. Thobias aims to appeal to the successful consumer who look to define their style and flavor with discerning taste, while prioritizing quality.

Thobias will also target a line of exquisite dresses that can be worn to various occasions, from a night out with friends, to an exclusive event or photoshoot. Thobias is set to launch their clothing line in May of 2021, looking to captivate the attention of the modern woman who wants to be stylish, while not having to break the bank to get such clothing.

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