Tips for Finding the Best Generator: Should You Trust Generator Reviews?

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
In a world of misinformation, it can be difficult to trust reviews. Whilst some products seemingly h­ave thousands of reviews on them, not all of them are genuine, so how should you know which generator to buy and which reviews to trust? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.
Find A Reputable Brand
The first stage of looking for the generator is finding a reputable brand. There are many companies out there that are well established and have been making generators for a long time. Look for brand names you recognise that produce similar items. As generators are engines, you will find that many car manufacturers produce their own and if their cars are reliable, there generators probably will be too. Head over to Best Generator to read more.
Look For Products Made In Your Country
Look for companies that don’t build out of your country, as this way you can be confident you are getting higher quality internal components and a higher quality build. Whilst a lot of products that are made elsewhere can be reliable, sometimes it is worth paying the extra amount of money to have something that has been designed and built in your country. This way you can be confident that no corners have been cut in an effort to reduce cost, so you will be getting a better quality of product.
Don’t Just Read Amazon Reviews
Amazon can be an excellent place to source products and compare their specifications, but don’t trust their review system blindly. Look at all the reviews across all star levels and see if there are any that replicate each other. You may find that some of the higher start reviews have the same wording or use similar sentence structure which could indicate that the reviews aren’t genuine. Amazon have now included a verified purchase tick to show who has and who hasn’t purchased the item, but there are ways of getting around this. Once you have read up the reviews on amazon, look for other websites that sell the same generator and read their reviews. If the reviews are similar in both good and bad aspects that can help you narrow down possible purchasing options.
Read and Understand The Specifications
Generator specifications can vary differently from one another depending on what type of generator you are looking for. You need to assess your need; do you want a generator that is hard wired into your home that will kick in if there is a power outage? Do you want a generator that you can move around and then manually hook up to your house if you need to? Once you have ironed out which type you want, you can then look for other specifications, such as how many items the generator will power and for how long. If you are seeing specifications that look too good to be true, they probably are. It is worth knowing some facts and figures prior to making your purchase. Work out what you would want to keep running in the event of a power outage, if you just want to run the basics, then you will only need a generator. If you are looking to power your home as if there wasn’t a power outage, then you will need a large generator and that will probably need to be installed by a professional, unless you have experience with this. If there is a compact sized generator that is making bold claims about the amount it can power, chances are this isn’t true and if there are reviews attempting to solidify these claims, then chances are they aren’t real either.
Look For Warranty Details And Returns Policies
A generator is a big purchase, so you want to make sure that when you get it, it all works as is expected. Before you make the purchase, it is worth checking out if the generator comes with warranty; this could save you a lot of heart ache if it doesn’t work. You also want to be sure that you are able to return the generator if it doesn’t meet the standard that you expected. This is vital if you are buying off reviews alone, as not all reviews for products are genuine. If you are unsure about anything and you know your friend has a generator, why not go chat to them too?
Final Thoughts
Unfortunately, fake reviews and customer misinformation is everywhere, so it can be very difficult to work out if you are making the best purchase. Stick with popular and well-regarded brand names, as they are more likely to make quality items rather than an unknown. It is worth cross-referencing reviews over different websites, don’t just trust amazon. If you really get stuck and aren’t sure which generator to choose, find out if your friends have one and simply ask them about it.