Top 2 tourist activities in Dubai

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Dubai is the El Dorado of East. Not because of any Goldrush but because of the city it has become.  Three hundred sixty-five days of sun, gorgeous beaches, and manmade coastline that never seems to end! And the local government not only assures but also ensures that your safety is fully guaranteed. In fact, the crime rate is almost 0. So, tourists from all over the world keep flocking here to savor the best cuisine, hippest bars, and of course the shopping. With its expansive shopping malls with in-built attractions, it would take days to completely cover a single mega mall-like Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates. But there are more fun-filled activities that you could enjoy here better than anywhere else. Let's begin.

Marina Dhow Cruise

Cruises are top-rated all over the world. However, you would never experience Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina is a manmade canal city. Artificial because the canal is an engineering marvel that stretches 3 kilometers from the Persian Gulf. The canal was built to add more waterfront for life and play. The new waterfront gave rise to a billion-dollar tourism industry with a score of 5-star hotels, beautiful beachfront restaurants, and much more! The famous Ain Dubai, the highest observatory wheel, is also located along this fabulous coastline.

The best way to enjoy Dubai Marina is through a night cruise on the wooden boat called locally as Dhow. The cruise Dhows are highly decorated and come with a lot of onboard entertainment and, of course, a mouth-watering dinner buffet. The entertainment includes an in-house DJ belting our popular Arabic, English, and Indian music and Tanura dance, an extraordinary dance from Egypt performed by a male artist. The Dhow cruise starts around 8.30 pm and lasts about 2 hours. The cruise starts from the iconic Pear 7 and takes you through the entire canal waterfront dotted with restaurants, hotels, and boulevards. There is also the world-famous Cayan tower that twists 1800. The cruise will take you through the Blue Water, a tourist destination where Ain Dubai, Ski Dubai, and the world-famous Caesars Palace Hotels are located. You would also get to see, on a clear night, the seven stars Bur Al Arab, Atlantic Hotel, and a glimpse of Burj Al Arab, the highest tower in the world.

You will experience Dubai's genuine hospitality inside the Dhow. Right from welcome drinks, as soon as you come inside, to elaborate continental/ Arabic dinner and choicest dessert, there will always be something to quench your thirst and satiate your hunger. The entire buffet and anything else served inside are strictly controlled and hygienic. So, when you are in Dubai, make it the first choice!

Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai Desert safari offers the perfect solution for seekers of thrills and adventure. As part of the Arabian Desert, Dubai has a vast stretch of desert. The desert safari Dubai provides a contrasting experience of life. For ages, the original of Dubai, known as Bedouin. They have been living in the desert, adopting to the life of sunshine and dunes. The same energy, in summary, is offered through the adventure safari. Instead of camels of yore, you enjoy the desert in the climate-controlled 4 X 4 Land Cruisers. The fun increases manifolds as these vehicles make your heartbeat skip when dueling with the highs and lows of the desert dunes.

The Dubai desert = safari generally starts at 3 pm when the 4 X 4 Land cruiser comes to pick you up to take you to the "Meeting Point" from where the adventure starts. You get some time to explore the desert and enjoy the glorious sun. The safari vehicles are entirely safe and driven by a trained and licensed safari driver. Safari drive on dunes, also called the dune bashing, almost lasts 1 hour, and in between, there is an opportunity for you to do sandboarding for a short while. The desert safari ends with the setting sun, and there are sunset points where you can capture the sunset in all its beauty.

After the sunset, you are taken to a Bedouin-styled camp with all the amenities. You would be welcomed with fresh juice, tea, and coffee when you freshen up. There would be plenty of snacks like local fritters etc. Inside the camp, you have various corners for henna tattooing, enjoying the hubbly-bubbly sheesha, or taking a selfie with local Kandura/ Abaya for men and women, respectively. Those who are not yet done with the adventure can go outside the camp and enjoy dune bike riding and camel riding.

The dinner buffet is a three-course affair with a live BBQ corner. The continental/ Arabic/ Indian buffet fits every palette, and while you are enjoying your dinner, the stage comes alive with the world-famous Belly dancing as well as Tanura dancing. The mesmerizing dance brings the curtain down to a day of adventure and entertainment. It is around 9 pm when the safari heads back to the shining, gleaming, and beautiful city of Dubai.

Things to do

Dubai offers many things to do to a tourist. It is a paradise for shopaholics. Its shopping experience is limited to theme-based massive malls, but even its souks are littered with quaint goodies for anyone interested in items such as spices, local crafts, and clothing. Then there are adventures like Ain Dubai, the tallest observatory deck in the world, the deepest diving pool, Sky Dubai for paragliding, parachuting, and other similar activities. Dubai offers the ultimately culinary experience from typical south Asian delicacies to high street Michelin starred restaurants. The nightlife in Dubai is full of music, dance, and fun. Its nightspots are open until 3 pm, and the weekend could get this crowded.

This article was written in cooperation with Oasis Palm Tourism