Upcoming concert dates for Matisyahu

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

With summer approaching, the concert circuit is in full swing. Many artists are gearing up for live performances. And festival season is already here. Countless artists will appear at events such as Pitchfork, as well as independent tours.

One such artist, Matisyahu, is already on the circuit and entertaining fans. Originally known as MC Truth, Matisyahu was once named the Best Reggae Artist by Billboard. With the tour circuit in full flow and so many acts to catch, it’s easy to miss tour dates.

For all that are interested in the uplifting music of Matisyahu, look no further.

So, who is Matisyahu?

Born Matthew Paul Miller in 1979, this highly adaptable artist adopted the name; Matisyahu. But, not before performing as MC Truth back in 2004. Matisyahu has roots in hip-hop and started out rapping in Bend, Oregon.

Now, Matisyahu mixes reggae influences, beatboxing, hip-hop, and alternative rock to create unique music. Despite being Grammy nominated for Best Reggae Album, Matisyahu blends Hebrew with English, and his music is often influenced by Judaism.

Matisyahu’s biggest hit single was King Without a Crown in 2005 which became a US top 40 hit. But, it is the album charts where Matisyahu has found the most success. Matisyahu has enjoyed 6 albums entering the mainstream top 40 including Youth which reached No. 4.

But for many, it is Matisyahu’s soulful and uplifting live performances that are best experienced.

Where can you get tickets for Matisyahu?

Small music venues often sell tickets at the door. Tickets for these types of venues can be bought locally, but there is a risk. When an artist as popular as Matisyahu plays, tickets sell out quickly.

If you are keen on seeing any artist in particular these days it’s wise to book online. Vendors such as Cheapo Ticketing sell tickets for Matisyahu and any other artists with upcoming live dates.

Of course, the dates and locations are vital knowledge too. Will you get to enjoy your favorite bands locally, or have to travel elsewhere? Planning ahead for gigs and festivals usually ends up better than hoping to grab tickets at the last moment.

Where is Matisyahu playing this year?

Matisyahu appeals to a wide audience due to his eclectic use of musical genres. And he has cultural appeal too. Being a Jewish-American performer, Matisyahu is a cultural icon to many fans.

Matisyahu helps unite people too. A cover version of One Day was chosen for World Radio Day. The Matisyahu song was covered by the Koolulam band and recorded in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.

Not surprisingly then, countless people will be hoping Matisyahu swings by their city or region. Sadly, some dates have already been missed. Akron, Ohio, Brooklyn, and West Palm Beach in Florida have seen Matisyahu come and go.

Depending on when you read this, you’ll have to move fast if you want to catch Matisyahu at the California Roots Music and Arts Festival.

However, fans in California, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho, can enjoy Matisyahu live in June this year. For others, you’ll have to read the full rundown of Matisyahu dates below.

Is Matisyahu playing near you soon?

To many fans, Matisyahu is a reggae star. But, with his lyrical prowess and hip-hop influences it is hard to completely nail Matisyahu down. Hasidism has influenced Matisyahu’s music too. And now Hasidic music has gone global, thanks to the internet, and artists such as Matisyahu opening eyes and ears to other cultures.

As positive as this is, many fans of Matisyahu just want to know when the man himself will be performing. Here is your full run down at the time of writing.

June 2023

June 6, Tue

Knitting Factory Concert House

Boise, Idaho

June 9, Fri

Mangy Moose Steakhouse and Saloon

Teton Village, Wyoming

Jun 10, Sat

The Depot

Salt Lake City, Utah

June 13, Tue

The Depot

Salt Lake City, Utah

June 14, Wed

Ace of Spades

Ventura, California

June 15, Thurs

House of Blues Anaheim

Anaheim, California

June 16, Fri

Pappy & Harriet’s

Pioneertown, California

June 17, Sat


Las Vegas, Nevada

June 20, Tues

Belly Up

Solana Beach, California

June 21, Wed

Belly Up

Solana Beach, California

June 23, Fri

Ocean Mist

Wakefield, Rhode Island

June 25, Sun

Levitate Backyard & Rexicana Surf Cantina

Marshfield, Massachusetts

June 26, Mon

Levitate Backyard & Rexicana Surf Cantina

Marshfield, Massachusetts

July 2023

July 1, Sat

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Morrison, Colorado

July 16, Sun

Reggae on the Way 2023

Tacoma, Washington

July 25, Tue

The Chicken Box

Nantucket, Massachusetts

July 26, Wed

The Chicken Box

Nantucket, Massachusetts

August 2023

August 29, Tue

31st Street Park - Oceanfront

Virginia Beach, Virginia

September 2023

September 9, Sat

Park City Song Summit 2023

Park City, Utah

October 2023

October 19, Thurs

Bloomington-Chumley Theater

Bloomington, Indiana

November 2023

No dates announced as of yet

December 2023

No dates announced as of yet

What are the stand-out dates for Matisyahu in 2023?

Red Rocks Amphitheater stands out on this list. Billed as the place to see the stars, in the sky, and on stage. Bands as illustrious as The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, and B.B. King have graced Red Rocks.

Billed as being the Northwest’s biggest reggae party, Reggae on the Way 2023 could be a hit if you are within traveling distance of Tacoma. And for the best-served area on Matisyahu’s current touring itinerary, Californians have plenty of choices.

Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown has some history attached to it. Music videos and Hollywood movies have been shot using Pappy and Harriet’s, and the venue is no stranger to the stars. Many famous Westerns have been filmed in Pioneertown, and stars such as Roy Rogers invested in the area.

For atmosphere and capacity, the House of Blues Anaheim is a great Californian venue. Matisyahu will be rocking up and rocking out at the House of Blues on June 15, so time is of the essence.

If you can’t get to see Matisyahu live, where can you hear his music?

Experiencing music live is one of life’s great pleasures. In a time where the cost of living is a daily concern, it is great to know that music can lift one’s mood. Sadly, not all of Matisyahu’s fans will be able to see him live. There are limited spaces at music venues, and booking early is vital.

But, if you don’t get to see Matisyahu you can still enjoy his unique sounds and hits such as One Day.

Options for listening to Matisyahu are as follows:

  • YouTube
  • Deezer
  • Soundcloud
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music

Streaming and downloading Matisyahu’s music will help the artist, and hopefully bring you pleasure. Don’t ignore your local record store though. With vinyl making a comeback, maybe now is the time to track down an original Youth on 45rpm.


Matisyahu is undoubtedly one of the artists that will be on concertgoers' lists this year. With live performances across a number of states, there are good options for grabbing tickets for Matisyahu.

Whether you prefer the festival experience and a choice of bands and artists, or smaller more intimate venues, Matisyahu has live dates for everyone. You just need to make a plan, buy a ticket, and put on your dancing shoes.

This article was written in cooperation with Mark Karl