Using God’s Gifts to Start a Business, with Minoeve

Minoeve (photo credit: SKINOMATICS)
(photo credit: SKINOMATICS)

How a girl from Seoul became one of the highest-earning women in NYC

Minoeve is a glamour model, entertainer, TV star, and more. A keen mind accentuates her vast array of talents for business and a unique ability to use what she was born with to get what she wants.

This fierce businesswoman has turned her assets to her advantage, using the free online platform of Instagram to amass a following large enough to propel her to fame. Minoeve is the classic example of how a modern entrepreneur can reach new heights with social media. We were delighted when she decided to share her story with us.

From Seoul to Stardom

Nowadays, Minoeve is best known for her appearances on TV shows like What Happens, TMZ with football MVP stars, and other entertainment delights. However, this glittering MMA ring girl was not always a hot topic. In her early years, Minoeve grew up in South Korea, where she was not subject to the same opportunities that we westerners have.

Minoeve started in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Her early life was spent in a relatively humble household, where her parents worked hard to give her a good life. Later, Minoeve – also known as Jungin Gillam – was allowed to attend college in her home city. She studied hard and passed, deciding while there that her future lay across the seas. 

It was only in the bright lights of New York city that Minoeve would be able to execute her plans properly. She wanted to use the business acumen she had gained in college, combine it with the world of free advertising via social media, and build an online empire from the ground up. She went on to do so.

New York Entrepreneurships are Difficult

As a dancer and model, Minoeve found it hard to get work in New York City at first. She worked as an MMA ring girl, under the pseudonym ‘Emma’ for a while. Later, she would start in a gentleman’s club to make thousands in a month. Still, she knew that she could not rely on a sole source of income for long, so she set about developing her brand and extending her reputation.

While attending an event, Jungin Gillam started chatting to the other girls in her line of work. Many reported making even more money when they began as cam girls or worked online. Through the OnlyFans platform, Minoeve grew her online fame exponentially – and to the tune of around $18,000 per month.

Minoeve went from humble origins in Seoul to live in a penthouse suite in NYC. She has traveled all over the world, attended events she might never even have known about before, and classes herself as a full-time Instagram model. She is among the top 5% of all cam girl earners and has routinely made the top 50 of the highest earners on OnlyFans, too.

Arguably, Minoeve’s success has been partially due to her God-given gifts. On the other hand, if she had not been born when she had or been savvy enough to get a business education, she would not be where she was today, either. A new generation of women is emerging, who take charge of (and monetize) their sexuality. Who are we to argue with the figures?