Valyou Furniture’s Foundry collections epitomize best industrial design

  (photo credit: Valyou Furniture)
(photo credit: Valyou Furniture)

Loft living has always had a special appeal since the so-called industrial style began to catch on around the 1970s. The new elegant lifestyle emerged thanks primarily to artists who were after two things—space and cheap rent. Lofts offered spacious interiors at low prices yet came at a cost. Since these lodgings were associated with former industrial and commercial premises converted into living quarters, the owners or renters faced a design challenge.  Turning the industrial interior with exposed brick walls, high ceilings with sometimes visible wiring and plumbing fixtures, even industrial elevators facing doorways into elegant and enjoyable space called for a totally new interior design approach. Furnishing an enormous loft space spanning 2,000 to 3,000 sq feet or more, divided at owner’s will into an office, bedroom, living room, kitchen zone, etc., also calls for a particular category of furniture to accentuate the loft’s rugged yet simple charm.

Valyou Furniture recently added the Foundry brand to its vast lineup of brands and styles. The Foundry addresses the industrial design theme with ease and elegance, covering the entire scope of furnishing needs. In addition, the Foundry transforms the rustic loft style that involves exposed brick and beams into the aesthetic. So whether the loft tenant wants to keep the industrial style intact and bring it out or prefers to rely more on modern, minimalistic touches to enhance the loft’s charm, Valyou’s Foundry collection has a lot to offer. 

Valyou Foundry’s mastery of the industrial theme is visible in every line of the Foundry brand, be it the living room, the dining area, the office space, or storage. Each piece has an unmistakable ‘industrial’ identity. However, loft living has its Pros and Cons. One inconvenience is that a loft typically has no storage space like closets and rows of kitchen cabinets. However, the Foundry collection has plenty of storage options for loft living, all made of vintage-looking premium materials such as steel and aluminum, with elements of premium leather.

The Hargrave bookcase is a cross of a downsized shipping container complete with a twist-lock as the bottom part and an open shelf on top. The contraption is made of a cold-rolled steel plate and gives the impression that it can withstand decades of use and abuse, for that matter. Bertz Cabinet belongs to the same class of steel-plated pieces that will last decades subject to proper care, which is minimal compared to furniture made of more traditional materials. The cabinet is complete with steel doors adorned with bolt heads and metal mesh on top and bottom as vents to display what’s behind them. The collection continues with items in tune with the minimalistic industrial style to bring out the rugged beauty of exposed brick walls and the uncluttered space. 

A living room project with Foundry appointments would be a breeze too. The living room could well be the place around which to build the whole interior. The Foundry has a lot to offer in this category. One can start with the Ovo Chair, elegantly shaped like an egg with a comfortable niche and tall back support. The laconic Latin ‘Ab ovo’, meaning that everything begins with an egg, perfectly describes the elegantly shaped piece that may well serve as the axis around which the furnishing project will unfold. The Lohrman Sofa, soft and welcoming, could be your next step; throw a Balustur bookcase as a backdrop with a vintage Vaquer leather and fur tank alongside, and you can call it a day.

Each Foundry piece is built from materials that may seem contrasting at first glance but mutually complimentary on the second. Warm and elegant leather coexists with cold iron elements that make their furniture very sturdy and long-lasting or with hi-tech aluminum finishing that is lightweight, strong and requires minimal maintenance. Every piece of the present Foundry collection undeniably possesses an unmistakable identity, be it an Imbrie Cabinet elegantly holstered in vintage leather, a sturdy yet stylish steel-plated Portage chest, a hovering Elms lounge chair, or a Large Cargo cabinet the shape of a shipping container to underscore the loft spirit. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and a perfect fit with the Industrial chic interior design concept.

To check out the full scope of the Foundry brand, complete with ideas and combinations of various fixtures and industrial decor elements, visit the company’s website or follow the brand on their Instagram page. 

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