Watch: Expensive Rolex watches are a bluff

  (photo credit: HORUS WATCH)
(photo credit: HORUS WATCH)

How can we define what is true success in life and what makes one a "victor"? Sometimes we think that an expensive car or a Rolex watch are the measure of success. Sometimes we imagine that a beautiful house is what defines who we are. What is the truth?

In his last talk, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto referred to our purpose in life and how to evaluate one’s life. He said that one’s children are his measure of success and the proof that he is a victor.

Why is that? Rabbi Pinto explained that one’s children testify to his long-term continuity and power. This is why we should invest in our children and our family as much as possible. Watch what he says.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel