What is Joyspan? The enjoyable lifespan

A new wellness podcast examining the possibilities of turning back biological age and the new terms we will all start talking about soon

 Dr. Tzachi Wieder and Avri Gilad (photo credit: PR)
Dr. Tzachi Wieder and Avri Gilad
(photo credit: PR)

Dr. Tzachi Wieder, who specializes in quality-of-life medicine, is currently launching a new podcast with useful information on one of the "hot" topics of recent times – extension of healthy life expectancy. 

The new podcast named Joyspan will review scientifically based medical ways in which we can prolong our lives and reverse our biological age clock.

The growing interest in biological age is driven and supported by science in the form of developments in the field of epigenetics – a field of research that examines how gene expression is influenced by behavior and environment.

Dr. Tzachi Weider (Credit: IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHERS)Dr. Tzachi Weider (Credit: IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHERS)

What is Joyspan? 

What do we know about the new medical capabilities that exist today to prolong a healthy life and reverse the biological clock? Is it possible to live a longer, healthier and more beneficial life? 

The World Health Organization has recently declared aging to be a treatable disease.

More and more studies published in recent years are looking at ways to extend healthy life expectancy. It's about adding quality years, good health, and vitality.

Meaning of the name Joyspan: The Enjoyable Lifespan

The Joyspan podcast deals with global research innovations in the field of extending healthy life expectancy, the findings, the treatments, drugs and technologies. Billions of dollars are invested annually. The results are impressive and groundbreaking. Dr. Tzachi Weider, a surgical specialist and head of the VIV Medical Center has been researching the science of healthy life extension and innovation. In the Joyspan podcast Dr. Weider will be hosting guests and experts speaking to them about the various aspects. Each episode will discuss different disciplines with interesting figures, such as Prof. Carasso, Dr. Sean Portaland and others.

In the premiere episode, Dr. Weider hosted Avri Gilad, who in recent years has adopted a healthy lifestyle, including a strict vegetarian diet and fitness workouts, some of which he even spoke about to the viewers of his morning show. This chapter deals with the important question: What can we as knowledgeable and well-to-do people, actually do to prolong our lives in good health and excellent functioning? 

Dr. Weider updates that according to findings of latest widescale studies, the influence of genetics on life expectancy is much smaller than assumed. It turns out that we can influence our aging process to a large extent, both physically and mentally. This can be achieved through changes of lifestyle, the use of specialized technologies and in some cases by taking medications.

The podcast concept was developed by Dr. Weider together with Dr. Dan Herman, an expert in strategy and brand development who serves as a strategic and marketing consultant to the VIV Medical Center. 

Professional accompaniment to the podcast is provided by podcast expert Shoham Levy, CEO of Creativity Value, who accompanies some of the most successful podcasts in Israel in worlds of investments and business. The production and management of the podcast is carried out by ProCast, one of the leading podcast production companies in Israel, owned by Or Eliaz.

The podcast episodes will provide listeners with up-to-date and in-depth information on the various aspects of the field, with the help of leading experts and other guests, and emphasize useful information.

Dr. Tzachi Weider, a surgery specialist and founder of the VIV Clinic Medical center: "In recent years, there's been a revolution in the field of longevity. Research that touches on the biological aging processes is showing how these can be controlled, delayed, and even turned back. The purpose of the new podcast is to give listeners the most innovative and up-to-date information.

In this new podcast launching, JOYSPAN will explore the science of a healthy, good and enjoyable life, listeners will receive great value and practical advice which will show them how to both enjoy and prolong their lives and maintain good health."

Shoham Levy, CEO of Creativity Value: "When VIV approached me with the podcast idea, I immediately recognized the tremendous potential, it will fascinate thousands of Israelis as there is great interest in the fields of life extension and health. The first episode of the podcast, is guaranteed to be of high value for lovers of health and wellness."

The podcast will be available on YouTube and on all leading podcast apps including Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast.

Listen to the Joyapan podcast.