Health crisis in Israel: War taking toll on Israelis' wellness

Most adults are not taking proper care of themselves, canceling or postponing consultations with physicians and screening tests.


What's the reason behind our frequent blinking? It's not just to maintain moisture!

Why do we blink our eyes so often? It’s not only to keep them moist and keep out annoying particles in the air.

Watching sports boosts well-being, offering positive psychological and neurophysiological benefits

Research led by Prof. Shintaro Sato reveals watching sports enhances well-being, benefiting society. Neuroimaging shows brain changes, impacting public health policy.

US study suggests that pretzel size affects eating behavior

If you have hypertension, how big the salty snack is should be different than if you want to lose weight.

Choosing sugary drinks over fruit juice for toddlers linked to a higher risk of adult obesity

Swansea University study: Toddlers given sugary drinks face higher adult obesity risk. Tracking 14,000 children, researchers found early fizzy drink consumption linked to weight gain by age 24.

TODAY: A new protein snack – worth the calories?

We tested TODAY's new protein snack to see if it delivers improved protein-to-calorie ratio. How many grams of protein will you get for 200 calories, and is it even tasty?


Technion team discovers important adaptive strategy of the microbiome, impacting immune system

The study focused on species of the Bacteroidales order, some of the most abundant species in the human gut microbiome.

 A war between Israel and Iran (illustrative)

Health effects of Iranian nuclear strike on Israel: Some key insights

What could be the health impacts of an Iranian nuclear strike on Israel?

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