Why do you need to build a meditation app

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In the constantly changing world, it is a common feeling that levels of stress are growing in progression. It is a modern disease that touches everybody. Each problem gives life to new developments and businesses. Thus, therapeutic services got the push they were waiting for. And, of course, the pandemic added some correctives to the actively growing demands for psychologists and therapists. 

Some companies started creating online programs to promote meditation app development and bring it to a new level. Such popular applications as Calm and Headspace have become both successful and conquered the market as rivals. Here would take a closer look at how to create a meditation app, consider some of the reasons for its popularity, and how you can get profit.

Meditation App Market TrendsThe popularity of meditation apps is simple. People need to relax from time to time, and not everyone can afford to spend money on expensive psychologists and other medical specialists. The application gives you an opportunity to feel calm and forget about your anxiety. Mindfulness is the new trend among youngsters and millennials. They tend to care about themselves more attentively. If you look at the statistics according to a Fact.MR report, you may notice that interest in meditation apps will increase by 8% in 2029 due to growing stress levels among people.

So the tendency is that this direction is only getting popular, and now would be quite the moment to compose your own product. It can bring you profit because:

1. Due to some factors and fast life, stress is always here.2. Mental health is a priority for many individuals today.3. Meditation proved to have a positive influence on life and wellbeing.4. Convenience has also become a priority. Meaning that most people would rather download an application rather than going somewhere seeking help.

Meditation apps earn money by offering subscription services and separate premium sessions. Since smartphone users became aware of Headspace and Calm, the applications have acquired around 24 million new users. 

Kinds of Meditation ApplicationsThere can be various types of applications. The ones were designed to fulfill different tasks; others look like a mix of activities connected to reaching a particular goal. So you can decide which services you wish to provide for your followers, it can be:

  • sleeping and meditation;
  • music and yoga;
  • guided sessions and calm reading;
  • breathing and walking.

It is usually a way of involving more potential followers. If you look at Headspace or other trendy applications, you will see that they offer several options. However, their concepts are different. Calm offers its users peaceful music and sounds therapy, while Headspace has some guided sessions where speakers read stories or invoke individuals to concentrate on their breathing and feelings. Select the area you like or blend them all together so users can select the option they need right now.

Top Viable Meditation App FeaturesA meditation app is a great idea for a startup that can get you benefits and connections. But before you give everything to an agency or a developer, think about which features it has to include. As an example, we would focus on the same popular products on the meditation market.

RegistrationTo track users' activity, gather their information, and obtain more awareness, let your followers register via their social pages like Facebook or Instagram. On the other hand, it is also simple and convenient for the auditory. 

Personal PageIt is a place where people leave information about their interests and liking. Here you can find the history of sessions and see what tariff the person is using. Request only necessary data; otherwise, your audience would refuse to share the information and would delete the app without even trying it.

Integrated TutorialsBear in mind that meditation apps are popular among people of various ages and backgrounds. Make sure you provide them with small hints where they find significant information about using the meditation app.

Open LibraryTo leave your competitors far behind on the meditation market, think about creating your own licensed library of sessions and tracks. Display their lengths and other parameters to help the audience select.

Simple InterfaceClear navigation and an intuitive interface should be developed for every application and website. It is a must-have feature. Users should understand where they need to tap to get the desired result without extra questions to your team. 

Great DesignThe cover and looks are important. Hire a creative specialist who is capable of composing an effective, trendy appearance for your product. It should be simple but intriguing and original. Every button and page needs to be stylized specifically to underline the design of the whole app. It involves colors, shapes, fonts, and other elements.

Filters and Search OptionsSimplify the task of seeking particular effects and sessions by adding tags and other markers to reduce the time for searching. Or another best way to help the crown find the right track is categorizing your content. Divide it into smaller groups and put the tags.

NotifiersFor some people, it would be critical to miss news, changes, and upgrades; that is why it is better to set automatic notifications. Keep your loyal audience updated at all times, and you will be rewarded.

Customer CareYour followers will be pleased to know that they are not alone if they face some issues. Such support can benefit if you implement an online chat with a robot, who can receive common, recurrent problems, and a professional who can consider extraordinary troubles and help others solve them.

Gamification and storiesThese features would be extra some years ago, but today they are quite viable. They are used in applications and programs of all kinds. Gamification helps to relax and involve a person to fulfill simple actions and earn some points. Storytelling would motivate users to share their achievements. 

Compliance with DevicesPeople who care about their health have various wearables, like bracelets, trackers, and fitness watches. Do not forget to make your meditation app integrable into these devices. Primarily focus on iOS and Android.

Clear StatisticsUsers love to see their progress. Remember to integrate a special tool that would display their data and show some indicators of their success.

Beginners Vs. ProWhen creating an application for many segmentation auditoriums, keep in mind that you have to please them all and convert them to utilize your product mainly. The shortest way to cover that is to put sessions and programs for beginners and those who continue to practice. 

The Ways to Monetize Meditation AppSure, money is the greatest motivator of all. Monetize the meditation app via several options:

1. Subscription and membership. It is the most common way to get profit for the product. It will work if you constantly update the application with new materials.2. In-app purchases. Offer users to buy content by pieces. It means that you can suggest some free information, provoke their interest, and then offer premium content for some fee.3. Advertisement. Implementation of ads can lead to success or failure. Do not place too many on the page because it is annoying to practice mindfulness when there is a pop-up ad. As a result, you can lose some individuals.4. Premium version. Create two offers for your auditory so that they can choose between free and payable content.5. Sponsors and investors. Collaborate with other brands and tell followers about them and earn a commission. It is possible to select one option or combine several. 

Final Tips to Bear in MindToday, the market is full of meditation apps, so to win the race, you have to answer the question: What is special about your product that makes users pick it among others? 

Create a strategy, make an analysis of your auditory, describe it, understand their needs. If there is a demand for your idea, then you can become successful. Do not launch the full product; create a test version first and see if anyone would like to download it. Bring quality first. The development will cost you a lot of money, that is why planning is the key factor to succeed. If you are looking for professionals who can bring your ideas to life, then check out Purrweb. They can develop a meditation app and promote your business further.