Why Finland Became an Online Gambling Powerhouse

Finland as the most obvious location for an online casino revolution

 (photo credit: PIXABAY)
(photo credit: PIXABAY)
On the face of it you’d be forgiven for not considering Finland as the most obvious location for an online casino revolution but nonetheless the nordic country is definitely a powerhouse when it comes to the online gambling industry and one that is bursting with opportunities right now.

It’s not like Finland could have been thought of as a region that would ably house such an outstandingly competitive market in the casino field, after all there are only 16 land based casinos across the entire country and even for a country whose entire population is the equivalent to half of that which resides in London, that isn’t a lot.

Plenty of Options

Indeed the relatively low number of land casinos in itself helps to feed the online casino market, this low level of operators on the high-street is down chiefly to the fact that all land casinos are run under a state-owned monopoly, which limits the number of operators.

Such restrictions are less troublesome when it comes to the online casinos that are now plentiful and hugely popular.

International operators are keen to service the Finnish market, knowing that the value of the customers is very high in this economically buoyant market, and though the operators can not be physically based in the country access to these are not blocked by the country’s government, leading to a real free-for-all.

To add to the number of international operators feeding the market a number of Finnish based companies have been set-up to increase the number of options available for the local players.

Such is the number of providers that it’s now as key as ever for users to do their research before selecting which casino to sign-up with and as such online Finnish casino reviews are a great help.

Adaptable Market

As the overall internet audience started to ease away from desktop PCs to mobile devices, Finland was very much ahead of the game and the growth of the mobile led casino action in the country grew by 10% in the past year alone.

Offline and online gambling in Finland is on the rise and this is due, in no small part, to the relaxed attitude the government applies to the industry.

Finland is something of a forward thinking nation in its belief in individual rights to make their own choices when it comes to their pastimes and this has only served to broaden the market and the appeal of its users.

Size of the Market

Finland is, in technological terms, one of the most advanced in Europe and the population of approx five and a half million appear to be somewhat fascinated by the entertainment, and profit, that stands to be made via online casino sites.

The industry in Finland is already worth an astonishing 2 billion Euros a year, and that sum is growing as rapidly as the number of sites and games they can enjoy.

Perhaps wisely the sums made by the Finnish government, from the state-owned facilities, is used to back progressive projects such as the arts, environmental research and education.

As a market itself there have been efforts to diversify to other forms of gambling, including video slots and poker, which were previously only accessible to non-Finnish based online sites.

Slight Change In Ethos

The success of the growing Finnish online casino market has, in recent years, resulted in something of a backlash by those who feel that the overall gain to the country’s coffers and casino providers profits came at the cost to those who found themselves betting beyond their means.

So recent regulatory efforts have been made to better regulate the industry to better assist those who were gambling irresponsibly, and this certainly became something of an issue during the early months of the coronavirus lockdown.

That said, the Finnish casino industry is still very much a success story that continues to prosper and any attempts to make the relationship between providers and users a more amenable one, are not too dissimilar to guidelines in place in many other territories.

Overall the success of the Finnish online casino industry is undisputed and the relative value of players who enjoy the use of these services are a testament to where the market can soar in years to come.

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