Why hair transplant in Turkey is the best and cheapest in the world

  (photo credit: Sapphire Hair Clinic)
(photo credit: Sapphire Hair Clinic)

Turkey is known and loved for many things. Turkish delights, carpets, and coffee are without comparison. The country’s rich history and natural wonders are just as worth the trip. However, in between the Bosphorus Strait and magical Cappadocia, there is another attraction that makes Turkey such a popular destination.

According to many, hair transplant in Turkey is the best in the world.

Perhaps you’ve heard about this. People from all over the globe are traveling long miles to Istanbul to undergo a hair transplant operation. What is so special about it? Apparently, Turkish surgeons are world-class aestheticians, Turkish clinics are cutting-edge, and the overall experience is superb.

Top that with low prices, and you have a recipe for medical success.

Here’s what hair transplant patients can expect in one of Istanbul’s leading clinics.

Sapphire Health Clinic’s High Standards for Medical Services

Sapphire Health Clinic is one of the most respected healthcare providers throughout Turkey, and for a good reason. The clinic’s team of multidisciplinary specialists cite knowledge, experience, and “high standards for healthcare services” as the main reasons for their national and worldwide success.

Operating under the new name Medistanbul Health Inc since 2021, the Sapphire Health Clinic has been gathering medical knowledge and experience for 20 years before opening its first healthcare complex in 2019. Today, you can find one of its medical centers in multiple locations across Turkey and abroad.

In addition to expert staff, the Clinic offers cutting-edge technology.

Equipped with knowledgeable doctors and state-of-the-art medical equipment, the Sapphire Health Clinic is in a unique position to provide luxury medical treatment. The facilities in Istanbul boast 135 beds and 6 operating rooms, in addition to 3 maternity hospitals and 51-bed intensive units, all open 24/7.

Why Are Hair Transplant Costs Lower in Turkey than Elsewhere?

Despite all these exceptional qualities, Turkish hair transplant clinics are still way less expensive than in other developed countries. According to a comparison chart provided by Sapphire Hair Clinic, the price of FUE, one of the most popular hair transplant methods, is around 7 times lower than in the US.

A typical DHI hair transplant procedure in Istanbul costs between $3,450 and $4,350.

The same procedure in the US costs between $ 12,800 and $ 16,300.

The most logical explanation for this is the country’s stable economy. Turkey’s outstanding healthcare system is another good reason. Because school tuition is less expensive, too, many students come from abroad to study medicine in Istanbul and then decide to stay there and practice in Turkish clinics.

Hair Transplant Packages Offered by the Sapphire Health Clinic

As we’ve mentioned earlier, all Sapphire Health Clinic procedures are performed in the clinic’s hospital in Istanbul. The modern rooms in the hospital include free WiFI, a flat-screen TV, and a tea/coffee maker. Upper-class rooms come with beautiful sea views, while club rooms have access to a relaxation area.

Whether or not you’ll stay in one of the clinic’s hospital rooms or book a separate accommodation depends on the length and complexity of the procedure and other factors. In many cases, hair transplant patients can leave Turkey in 2 days. That’s a sufficient amount of time for a procedure and post-op care.

If you’re interested in getting a hair transplant in Turkey, contact Sapphire Health Clinic directly.

Their representatives will tell you everything you need to know about your stay there.

Hair Transplant Services Provided by the Sapphire Health Clinic

The Sapphire Health Clinic offers many different hair transplant services:

  •       Fue hair transplant
  •       DHI hair transplant
  •       Stem cell hair transplant
  •       Synthetic hair transplant
  •       Unshaven hair transplant
  •       Eyebrow transplantation
  •       Beard transplantation

The most effective and popular hair transplant methods are FUE and DHI hair transplantation. Both rely on precision provided by special medical tools and are therefore minimally invasive. There’s no health risk involved, nor a possibility of getting infected with Covid or another disease during the procedure.

FUE, or follicular unit extraction, is a procedure where a surgeon makes small canals in the bold area. After that, he moves healthy hair from the back of the neck to these canals.

However, DHI hair transplant is still the number one choice for many patients.

It is a fairly simple procedure with many advantages. DHI is performed using a medical pen, which helps the surgeon open up microscopically small grooves all over the bold area. Healthy hair follicles are then taken from the nape and transplanted to this donor area. DHI patients receive local anesthesia.

Hair restoration begins immediately after hair implementation is done, but it takes time.

During post-op care, the medical staff in the Sapphire Health Clinic shows their patients how to wash their scalp and nurture every hair graft. Washing should be gentle, and with a special shampoo. Patients can expect their transplanted hair to grow after a few weeks, but full recovery takes 6–12 months.


DHI hair transplantation is considered one of the most successful hair loss treatments. It’s risk-free, painless, and without any discomfort. Alongside a comprehensive healthcare package including post-op care and accommodation, DHI hair transplants are the main appeal of Tukey’s medical tourism.

Sapphire Health Clinic is a great place for successful and cheap transplants in Turkey.

This clinic in Istanbul is a perfect example of what makes this country such a popular choice for medical tourists who need quality hair transplants. It’s where medical know-how and experience meet advanced facilities and equipment to provide luxury healthcare treatments for everyone’s budget.


This article was written in cooperation with Crabs Media