Why having a hair transplant in Turkey is better than anywhere in the word

  (photo credit: Estevien Clinic)
(photo credit: Estevien Clinic)

In the vast majority of cases, pattern baldness comes down to genetics. According to health specialists, other common triggers are diet, stress, and hormonal imbalance (aside from medication and illness). However, merely knowing what makes your hair fall off is not very helpful. What you need is to reverse signs of balding.

You can do that with a hair transplant, a procedure that requires skill and finesse.

Hair transplantation operations are performed in clinics worldwide and with varied success. The best destination for receiving a quality hair transplant is, beyond comparison, Turkey. Hair transplant specialists from all over the world are traveling to Istanbul to learn from their Turkish colleagues.

Turkey is currently the sole leader in hair transplants in the world, and here is why.

Why do so many people travel to Turkey for hair transplants?

Turkey excels in hair transplant operations for many reasons.

The first of many is – Turkey is a country of healthy people. It’s home to many prestigious international universities, most of which specialize in medicine. Students from all over the world come to Turkey to study medicine and stay there to practice what they’ve learned, earning Turkey a global reputation.

Turkish hospitals, clinics, and doctors, both public and private, are world-renowned.

That allows Turkish doctors to keep advancing their field. There are medical procedures that are being performed only there, under the supervision of Turkish specialists. All this helps create a healthy medical environment, where medical knowledge, people, and equipment are always worth investing in.

Introducing hair transplantation specialists at the Estevien Clinic

The Estevien Clinic is an international surgery center specializing in aesthetic and plastic surgeries. Aside from hair transplants, the renowned clinic also provides procedures related to gynecology, obesity, eye health, urology, and dental health. It’s been “dedicated to beauty and committed to health” for 10 years.

Hair transplant procedures at Estevien Clinic include:

  •       Hair transplant;
  •       Fue hair transplant;
  •       Sapphire hair transplant;
  •       Dhi hair transplant;
  •       Beard transplant;
  •       Eyebrow transplantation;
  •       Shaved hair transplantation.

At the moment, two eminent hair transplant doctors lead the certified and acclaimed team at the Estevien Clinic – Dr. Esin Eğilmez and Dr. Nurettin Kurt. Dr. Esin Eğilmez holds a doctorate in Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery, while Dr. Nurettin Kurt has twenty years of experience as an anesthesiologist.

The Estevien Clinic is one of few hair transplantation clinics at the forefront of aesthetic and plastic surgery in Turkey. Their team of skill-certified doctors boasts years of experience in hair transplant surgery, while the clinic itself is equipped with cutting-edge technology that facilitates innovation.

Credit: Estevien ClinicCredit: Estevien Clinic

Hair transplantations at the Estevien Clinic using the DHI method

The three common types of hair transplant procedures are FUT, FUE, and DHI.

The FUT technique is slowly being forgotten as an outdated method that can potentially leave scars on the scalp. The FUE method is popular across clinics in Istanbul and is very similar to the DHI method. Both are standard surgeries that require time but are reliable, no-risk, and very effective for hair growth.

FUE hair transplantation is short for follicular unit extraction. It involves taking hair follicles from the donor area, like the neck or back of the head, and implanting them into the scalp, where the surgeon manually cuts channels. The DHI method is the same; only these two parts happen simultaneously.

DHI hair transplantation stands for direct hair implantation. It’s a more advanced modification of the FUE method, performed with a special pen-like medical device that allows the hair transplant surgeons to implant the grafts while simultaneously cutting channels that new hair will eventually grow from.

To learn more about the DHI hair transplant Istanbul, visit the Estevien Clinic’s website.

What can you expect from an operation at the Estevien Clinic?

Here is all you need to know about getting a hair transplant in Turkey at the Estevien Clinic:

Different hair transplant packages involve different preparation and post-operation routines. The FUE and DHI procedures usually take about 6 hours, depending on the number of grafts. It takes a year to 18 months for implemented grafts to start growing new hair and the first results to finally be visible.

Before the hair transplant procedure at the Estevien Clinic, the patients are tested for potential allergies. The surgeon then shaves their head, and a local anesthetic is administered. The operation itself depends on the method. When it is finished, the surgeon applies an antibiotic and bandages to new grafts.

Most patients experience slight numbness and pain several weeks after the surgery, which is completely normal. You should carefully monitor the operated area for potential reactions during this period. The appearance of thin crusts and rushes is not unusual; generally, they go away in a week.

At the Estevien Clinic, the hair transplant surgeon usually prescribes an antibiotic that the patient should apply as instructed. Patients also receive a special shampoo that they should use instead of a regular one. Patients must wash the transplanted hair gently and with less water for the first ten days after the surgery.

Why hair transplant clinics in Istanbul are better than in the US

Transplant clinics in Turkey have something that other clinics don’t have:

  •       Exceptional surgeons;
  •       Skilled medical workers;
  •       State-of-the-art equipment;
  •       Millions of satisfied patients.

As proof of satisfaction, take a look at some before and after photographs at the Estevien Clinic’s website.

Price is another reason Turkey is a popular destination for many medical procedures, including hair transplants. Taken together, the costs of travel, operation, and postoperative care are usually lower than in many other countries throughout the world. Turkey provides high quality for an affordable price.

Why choose the Estevien Clinic for a hair transplant operation?

Why should you choose the Estevien Clinic among many other transplant clinics in Turkey?

The Estevie Clinic provides unparalleled medical care services to all of its patients. Their surgeons, technology, general ambiance, and the conditions in which the procedures are performed are the best in the business. If you’re looking for a peerless hair clinic in Turkey, look no further than the Estevien Clinic. 

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