Work in Singapore: Why you should explore + how to land well-paying roles

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Are you sick and tired of tedious workdays and disappointing paychecks? Look no further than Singapore, a dynamic city-state with a wide range of employment options and opportunities for career advancement. 

With its robust economy, efficient infrastructure, and business-friendly policies, Singapore has become a hub for global companies and startups, making it an ideal destination for job seekers worldwide. 

In this article, we will discuss why Singapore is the best place to pursue your career goals and how to land well-paying jobs on this side of the world. 

Benefits of Working in Singapore

Let's look at some benefits of starting a career in this thriving economy.

High salaries, low taxes, efficient transportation, and quality healthcare

Singapore is renowned for paying highly competitive salaries in various industries, making it a desirable location for job seekers. The city-state offers high incomes and low taxes, allowing you to keep more earnings. Going to and from work is a cinch thanks to Singapore's effective transportation system, which includes the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system and bus network. Singapore's healthcare system is of the highest caliber, and locals and foreigners have access to top-notch hospitals and medical specialists.

Multicultural environment and diverse job opportunities

With its multiethnic population comprising Chinese, Malay, Indian, and other ethnic groups, Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. People from many backgrounds can work together peacefully in the workplace thanks to the multicultural environment's distinctive and colorful vibe. Singapore has many industries and work prospects, from banking and technology to healthcare and hospitality. This implies that job searchers, regardless of their past or experience, can choose a career path that matches their interests and ambitions. In addition, Singapore is home to numerous multinational corporations, offering even more chances for international exposure and professional advancement.

How to Land Well-Paying Roles in Singapore

To land a well-paying job in Singapore, here are the steps to take. 

    1. Research and understand the Singapore job market:

The job market in Singapore is highly competitive, and it's essential to have a clear understanding of the thriving industries and companies. Go on Google and research the latest industry trends, companies, and job roles that align with your skill set. 

Keep an eye on Singapore's government initiatives, such as the SkillsFuture program, which supports workers in upgrading their skills and staying relevant in the job market. Understanding the job market will help you identify the most in-demand roles and skill sets and provide you with a competitive edge in your job search.

    2. Choose an optimum housing location: 

While often not considered, your choice of housing location can significantly impact your chances of landing a well-paying job. As with other parts of the world, the area you reside can greatly impact the kinds of jobs/roles you find. This is why it’s advisable to target areas or accomodation options that are close to the heart of Singapore. Jden Condo, for example, offers a convenient location for working professionals with easy access to central business districts and an array of commercial hubs.

    3. Create an impressive resume and cover letter:

Since you have zero experience working in a Singaporean setting, it is important to highlight your biggest skills, experience, and accomplishments. This way, you make yourself undroppable in job interviews. 

Furthermor, use keywords from the job description to demonstrate that you are a suitable candidate for each position you apply for, and personalize your application materials for each one.

    4. Leverage online platforms and job portals:

We're in the age of what some experts call the "internet job market prime time." Singapore takes advantage of this by having a robust online job market. Many employers and recruitment agencies post job openings on JobStreet, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. Create a profile on these platforms and regularly check for job postings that match your skills and experience. Set up job alerts to be notified whenever new opportunities become available.

Credit: IngImageCredit: IngImage

    5. Consider partnering with recruitment agencies: 

Partnering with recruitment agencies can be an effective way to enhance your job search in Singapore. Recruitment agencies have access to various job opportunities and can connect you with potential employers seeking candidates with your skills and experience. These agencies can also offer valuable advice on improving your resume and cover letter, which is crucial in making a good impression on potential employers.

Furthermore, recruitment agencies can offer guidance throughout the application process, including interview preparation and salary negotiations. This can be particularly helpful if you are new to the Singapore job market or need to become more familiar with the specific application requirements of certain companies.

It's essential to do your research and find reputable agencies that specialize in your industry. This will increase the chances of finding job opportunities relevant to your career goals and aspirations. Here are a few credible recruitment agencies in singapore:

  • Randstad
  • Michael Page
  • Adept Manpower
  • Morgan McKinley
  • JAC Recruitment

    6. Build a strong professional network: 

With Singapore'srich multicultural ecosystem, networking is an essential aspect of job search by attending industry events and professional associations. You can get to meet like-minded individuals and potential employers. Connect with people on LinkedIn and follow up with personalized messages to build relationships. Feel free to ask for informational interviews or referrals from people in your network. A strong network can open new job opportunities and help you stay current on industry trends.

To get started with your networking game, you can leverage Meetup – a social media networking app. And here are some Singapore-based groups you can tap into on the app.

  • Business Development Society of Singapore
  • Singapore Business Startups
  • Singapore Entrepreneurs Network
  • Singapore Business Meetup (SBM) Group
  • Singapore Startup Founder 101
  • Singapore Business Network (
  • Freelancers Singapore Meetup


With efficient transportation, quality healthcare, and diverse job opportunities, Singapore provides a vibrant and multicultural environment for professionals to thrive. Following the tips and guidelines in this article, you should be equipped with the necessary tools to start your job search in Singapore. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find endless opportunities waiting for you in Singapore! 

This article was written in cooperation with Rankwisely.