Yassine Medaghri - Alaoui : The bacon man in numerous businesses

 (photo credit: YASSINE MEDAGHRI)
(photo credit: YASSINE MEDAGHRI)

We can gratifyingly say that Yassine is a self-made successful businessman who has created a strong presence across various industries. 

One of them is that he  decided to start working out at age 16, there he discovered his  passion for athletic activities and also realize how important it was to keep his mental health up to check. This led him to choose different paths from the people that were near  him at the time, for high school student his main path was to finish his high school degree head out to France dear bachelors degree then his masters then go back home to work with daddy and mommy. He had a very much is in talking with strangers and people and try to motivate them over something that was going to make their life change for the better. That moment he felt like he was genetically gifted to become a leader because of the so much ease he had to command people and guide them through.

Very scant entrepreneurs have really dazzled  everyone with their ability to handle agglomerate smoothly and efficiently and Yassine is one of them. He has his hands in every precinct and has been able to manage each transcendently. He comes from an affluent family background, where his father held some important governmental positions , whereas his mother came from a renowned business family from North Morocco and was also a politician. Yassine was always torn in choosing between a political career or  to the entrepreneurial way when growing up. Having started working at the age of 16, he gained immense knowledge and experience, and today owns multiple businesses which are doing exceptionally well in their respective zones.

Real estate : talking about this sector, Yassine has always seen the real estate development Industry from close quarters since her young days and hence was fairly acquainted with its workings. Today he owns the most renowned real estate giant in Morocco - 'Groupe Loulanti', which lists in one of the top real estate companies in the country.

IT and Technology : Yassine has launched Drive Box which is a unique tablet project aimed at increasing advertising presence amongst customers through the medium of public transport.

Automobile industry : Yassine owns more than 7 automobile brands which has a market capitalization off more than 85% in the region. He has big plans for diversification and is in talks with Tesla to get them to Morocco. He also has plans to start producing lithium batteries and other electric products to enhance the future of automotive industry in the region.

Academic education : In 2018 he started a training academy in Dubai named Elite world Alpha trading which teaches high school students the nitty-gritty’s of trading. It gives a detailed study on the stock market and other currencies.

Tourism and Luxury concierge services : He concede the Global Elite Team which offers Luxury concierge services around the world which embraces of  luxury car rental, yacht charter, helicopter rental, private jets, charters and premium reservations to exclusive events.

Apart from these he has interests in other businesses like Health Care which have also done prodigious well in current times.

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