Flag Football: Jump Gym hands Stevie's Boyz its first loss

Jump Gym wins 19-14 at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem, breaking Stevie's Boyz 13 win streak.

USA football ball 88 (photo credit: )
USA football ball 88
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Stevie's Boyz entered the final week of the first round in the Moshiko AFI undefeated and hoping to cap a perfect stage with a sweep of Jump Gym. Hoever, Jump Gym had other plans. Stevie's Boyz (13 wins, one loss) won the first game of their doubleheader Saturday night, 22-12, but Jump Gym (seven wins, five losses and two ties) snapped the Boyz' unbeaten run with a 19-14 victory in the second game at Kraft Family Stadium in Jerusalem. Also last weekend, MadScan (seven wins, five losses and two ties) secured a spot in the 32-team upper tier for the second round by sweeping Achdut (seven wins and seven losses) 14-12 and 19-6 on Friday. Achdut, one of three teams to finish the 14-game first round with 14 standings points, finished in 32nd place and qualified for the upper tier based on a better point differential than Klein Management (seven wins and seven losses) and Chabab Lubobs (six wins, six losses and two ties). Klein Management swept its doubleheader against the Saints, 33-0 and 25-0, on Saturday night, while Chabad Lubobs tied Pallorium 13-13 in the first game of their doubleheader and won 6-0 in the second game on Friday. A win in the first game would have clinched a spot for the Lubobs in the upper tier and knocked out Achdut. American Football in Israel's men's contact flag football league enters the second round of the 2007/08 season this weekend. The top 32 teams from the first round have been split into eight groups for a round-robin stage, the bottom five teams will play a round-robin stage and the remaining 22 teams will play three games in the second round. Blizzards heat up women's league The Real Housing Women's AFI league returned from a Hanukkah break last week as the Winter Blizzards defeated Halachic Organ Donor Society 21-6 on Wednesday night at Kraft Family Stadium in Jerusalem. Touchdowns were scored by Tali Levi, Jordana Lousky, and Penina Kroll. Kroll also scored the only extra point of the game. Mishaan Plumbers swept the Trumanettes 33-0. Jessie Sagoskin scored one touchdown, and Ayelet Hecht and Ayelet Wartelsky scored two each. Sagoskin also scored an extra point, and Wartelsky scored two. On defense, Sagoskin, Hecht and Wartelsky each picked the ball off once, and Adi Taylor recorde two interceptions. Ziontours recorded a 40-6 victory over Nativ. Ayelet Raab, Tiffany Harris and Esti Mandel scored two touchdowns each. Raab scored two extra points and Harris scored one, as did Meredith Weinberg. Aliza Sussman had one interception, Robin Kravitz had two and Mandel recorded an impressive four, as Ziontours maintained a tight defense throughout the game. HUC, Kfar Zippori tie in co-ed league Defending Tuesday Night Football League champion Kfar Zippori won its first four games of the 2007/08 season, but has failed to record a victory in its last two games. Kfar Zippori and HUC tied 18-18 last week as AFI's co-ed, non-contact league also resumed its regular season following a break for Hanukkah. The standings remained unchanged as undefeated The Young and Restless (six wins, no losses) beat a mistake-prone Shuman PR (two wins, four losses) 47-13 and Jerusalem Massage (four wins, three losses) topped Pardes (no wins, six losses) 37-12.