Guma gone!

Aguiar to cease financing Jerusalem clubs.

The future of Betar Jerusalem and Hapoel Jerusalem hangs in the balance once more after the attorney of Guma Aguiar’s family announced on Tuesday that he will no longer be sponsoring the clubs next season.
In a hastily organized press conference, Adv. Eitan Gabay revealed that Aguiar and his family have decided to stop giving Jerusalem’s top soccer and basketball clubs money to reduce the stress Aguiar is under and to allow him to spend more time with his loved ones.
“Guma Aguiar will not be the owner or sponsor of Betar or Hapoel Jerusalem next season,” Gabay said. “We have come to the conclusion that Guma needs a private life, far from the eye of the media and far from activities which cause additional pressure.”
Aguiar has been treated in the Abarbanel Psychiatric Hospital sinceJanuary 14 after being forcibly admitted to the mental health centerfollowing a court order taken out by his wife, Jamie.
The colorful 32-year-old’s mental health had steadily deteriorated inrecent months, culminating in his claims that he had visited Gaza andhad met captured IDF soldier Gilad Schalit.
Aguiar gave Hapoel Jerusalem $1.5 million last summer and saved Betar from bankruptcy with a $4 million donation.
“Despite his endless love for the wonderful fans of Betar and Hapoel itis time for Guma to take care of his family,” Gabay said.