SA's Brumberg shines in 100m and 200m sprints at the Fifth Maccabiah

Athletes arriving in Israel for the fifth Maccabiah found the beginnings of an athletes' village waiting for them. Construction on the first building of Kfar Maccabiah was completed before the opening ceremony of the fifth Maccabiah. Altogether, 980 athletes came from 20 different countries (with 250 of them from Israel). The Maccabiah stadium was renovated and expanded to accommodate growing interest in the games - the new spectator section brought seating capacity to 7,000 people and race tracks, dressing rooms and playing fields also were improved. Seats were added to the swimming pool area in Haifa. The fifth Maccabiah was notable for the participation of some notable athletes. American Olympic weightlifting medalist Yitzhak Berger set a new world record that year and 10-time medalist Agnes Keleti, a gymnast, gave two exhibition performances before making aliyah later that year. South African athlete Harold Brumberg set records in the 100 and 200 meter sprints and subsequently won the Eliahu Savislotsky Medal for Outstanding Athlete.