Threats force cancelation of Israel-Jersey cricket match

"The local cricket clubs are not prepared to host the Israeli teams for fear of a Muslim backlash."

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The Scottish Cricket Union has cancelled Israel's European Championship game with Jersey scheduled for Thursday after the Union received threats against the Israeli cricket team on tour in Glasgow. The team is to take part in the Championships, which are sponsored by the International Cricket Council. Israel Cricket Association President Stanley Perlman told The Jerusalem Post late Wednesday night that his efforts to convince the Scottish Union to keep the fixture had failed. Perlman said that Glasgow police had approved a Muslim demonstration at a Glasgow cricket club field for approximately 2,000 demonstrators, but that on Wednesday, Scottish cricket officials received anonymous telephone calls saying, according to Perlman, that the safety of the Israeli players at the ground could not be guaranteed. "The Scottish Cricket Union has found itself in a situation in which the local cricket clubs are not prepared to host the Israeli teams for fear of a Muslim backlash. The Israeli team has already arrived in Glasgow and has every intention to play. We are not going to bow to Muslim blackmail," Perlman said, accusing the SCU of "cowardice". Representatives of the SCU could not be reached for comment by press time. Israel is scheduled to play five games in the tournament. A Jewish pro-Israel rally is scheduled for Glasgow this Sunday. "Scotland was given this tournament to host and they have to live up to their commitments," Perlman said. Israel's Round two and three games on Saturday and Sunday (5 and 6 August), against Norway and France respectively, will proceed as planned at the Glasgow Academicals ground, as previously scheduled, tournament manager Mike Stanger said. The venues for Israel's semi-final and final, should it qualify, are yet to be confirmed. The European Cricket Council are continuing to work with the relevant authorities and clubs to establish a suitable venue.