Democratic Israel

Michaeli: 'Lapid is behaving irresponsibly,' warns of 'undemocratic future'

Michael claimed that the only party that addresses women's issues is Labor, and because of this, it was one of the few truly democratic parties.


Exploring Israeli unity as an ideology - opinion

The writer explores the differences in terminology and definitions of the Jewish, democratic and security pillars.


IDF urged to allow chametz on army bases during Passover

The letter to the Chief of Staff asks to ensure the supply of kosher food for Passover does not justify a ban on the holding of chametz by secular or non-Jews.

Flag of Israel

Democracy in Israel: alive and well

Disregard foul and false talk that slanders the Jewish state

Know Comment: Ehud Barak’s bluster and plunder

His violent discourse disqualifies him from leading this country again, not to mention his pillaging of Jerusalem

Democrats Abroad: Barak's 'Israel Democratic Party' name misleading

Ehud Barak is attempting to face off against a government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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