demography of israel

Fundamentally Freund: Demography and Jewish destiny

We are standing on the cusp of a tidal wave of return, one that will see countless Jewish descendants reconnect with Jewry. Let’s embrace this opportunity.

INTERNATIONAL INDEXES rank Israel as democratically stable compared to the rest of the world and fin

Israel: Crying or laughing?

The general picture produced by the Democracy Index is of a manic-depressive society.

By Yedidia Z. Stern
Kafr Akab

Jerusalem affairs minister backs plan to counter demographic threat

Ze'ev Elkin is currently pushing for an amendment to be made to the Basic Law to change the capital's borders.

Israeli elections

US is no model of democracy for Israel

There is a tendency to ignore the flaws and inequalities in American society and to prefer the US over Europe.

Rivlin and Plesner

Israeli President Rivlin: Democracy is not to be taken for granted

“Israel is changing before our eyes,” he said. “There is no clear majority and there is no clear minority.”


Israeli MKs record multilingual videos for #DemocracyDay

The Democracy 2030 is a project of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, an international body for lawmakers, examining the past, present and future of democracy.


Israeli demographics present economic challenges, study finds

Israel's life expectancy, it noted, is higher than the OECD average. Without increses in the retirement age, the report argued, people will be spending in retirement will increase 1.5 times by 2055.

Jewish youths wave flag

Israel's soaring population: Promised Land running out of room?

Today's population of 8.4 million is forecast to reach 15.6 million by 2059 and 20.6 million in a high case scenario.

3D printed kippa

‘Self-ghettoization’ in the State of Israel

In Israel, we are afraid of the other, of those that are different than us.

ukraine aliya

Fight using aliya, not concessions, says Hotovely

The deputy foreign minister says “Israel has to return to its vision of ingathering of the exiles."

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