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Syrian regime cracks down on former rebel areas near Golan

Former Syrian rebels agreed to serve with regime forces, but some locals have protested in Daraa amid renewed raids on former rebel areas.

A Free Syrian Army fighter prays after eating his iftar (breaking fast) meal during the holy month

Army built by Syrian rebels with Turkish help faces challenges

The situation in Idlib is complicated by the presence of well-armed jihadists that have fought with the other groups.

Syrian forces of President Bashar Assad are seen on al-Haara hill in Quneitra area, Syria

A new Mideast in familiar clothing

The possibility that the “new” Syria might become a federation (similarly to Iraq) has not yet been ruled out, but even if it materializes, Syria’s boundaries will not change.

A Free Syrian Army fighter prays after eating his iftar (breaking fast) meal during the holy month

Syrian rebels resume peace talks with Russians after Jordan mediates

"The talks have resumed this morning between the Russian side and the opposition in southern Syria under Jordanian auspices," Ibrahim al Jabawi, the spokesman for Free Syrian Army negotiators said.


The fall of Ghouta threatens Israel, US interests and the West

Iran and Russia are using regime gains in Ghouta to further their hegemony in Syria

Rebel fighters from 'Jaysh al-Sunna' gesture as they ride a vehicle near Aleppo, Syria

Are Syrian rebels preparing Western-backed southern offensive?

Any disruption of that status-quo would affect not only Israel but also Jordan.

Israel to be key player in the next chapter of Syria’s war

For Israel, the next chapter in Syria’s war will be a nightmare scenario.

Trump asks Turkey’s Erdogan to 'deescalate' Syrian offensive

"Trump urged Turkey to exercise caution and to avoid any actions that might risk conflict between Turkish and American forces."

Turkish soldiers are seen near the town of Hassa on the Turkish-Syrian border in Hatay province, Tur

Turkey says campaign against Kurdish YPG in Afrin will be swift

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has pledged to crush the Kurdish fighters in Afrin.

 Members of the Syrian Democratic Forces control the monitor of their drone at their advanced positi

New U.S.-backed 'border force' in Syria infuriates Ankara, Damascus

Islamic State was effectively defeated last year, but Washington says its troops are prepared to stay to make sure the Islamist militant group cannot return.

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