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Israeli brothels operated by 'working women' to face less government prosecution

Prostitution in Israel is legal, but pimping and brothels remain outside the law, and new legislation proposing to persecute only patrons of the sex trade is making its way through the Knesset.

Yishai Schlissel

Court convicts Gay Pride Parade stabber Yishai Schlissel of murder

Schlissel’s first attempt at infiltrating the parade was stopped by police. He managed to gain entry and launch the attack by joining it from a different street.

Terror Israel

US court hears PA appeal against $656 m. terror judgment

Court to PA: your argument could make it hard to sue foreign terrorists in US; Victim: hopeful for complete victory.

Ayelet Shaked, nouvelle ministre de la Justice

Shaked, AG can wait on emergency motion to end prosecutors’ strike

Judge Eyal Avrahami pushed back at the emergency motion, noting that if it was so emergent that it could not wait another day, it would have been filed 9 day ago when the strike started.


Report shows spike in valid complaints against judges

A valid complaint indicates that the judge made one of a variety of possible errors.

Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo’s influence on Israeli civilian courts

Normally, the only kind of testimony that can be used to convict a defendant, any defendant from a petty thief to an arch terrorist, is testimony made by witnesses in court.


Jerusalem judge orders release of Palestinian man responsible for Herzliya manhunt

Citing lack of evidence of planned terror attack, judge rejects 5-day remand pending police appeal.

Temple Mount

Analysis: Stop and frisk terror law may not last even if it passes

Stop and frisk, meaning where a policeman stops someone on the street and can demand to review what objects they are carrying in their pockets or elsewhere.

African migrants

African migrants start law school studies at Ramat Gan

One migrant is in a night program which will allow him to continue working as a court translator in Tel Aviv.

Ayelet Shaked, nouvelle ministre de la Justice

Shaked introduces major changes to confessions law to protect defendants

Many security cases involving Arab-Israelis and even some involving Jewish security suspects could be heavily impacted by the change.

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