jonathan pollard pardon

Israeli leaders tell 'Post': Ready for Pollard's aliyah

Health minister says system will facilitate treatments for Esther Pollard's breast cancer.

Pollard court

How Pollard was held captive by 35 years of politics - analysis

A number of previous opportunities to release Pollard were passed up.


Alan Dershowitz: Cautious, optimistic that Pollard will go free

Dershowitz said that if what he called "the unjustified parole restrictions" are renewed, he has a chance to receive commutation from US President Donald Trump.


Freedom for Jonathan Pollard is a matter of urgency – opinion

The Pollards are not only US citizens, they are also Israeli citizens; and lest we think that Israel has been there for the Pollards throughout their tortuous travails, think again.


Editor's Notes: A visit to Pollard’s Manhattan apartment

The words “Pollard’s Manhattan apartment” might have the average person think of a doorman, a view of the Big Apple, a large apartment, and the “easy life.” The reality is far from it.

Jonathan and Esther Pollard

Pollard to Netanyahu: Don’t forget me in talks with Trump

Could Pollard be Trump's ticket to redemption in the eyes of the Israeli right?

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu meet at the Trump tower

How Trump can win over Israelis

Perhaps he won’t move the US Embassy, but there is one thing he could do to heal his impression on Israelis.

Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard leaves a federal courthouse in New York

Trump victory could give new hope to Jonathan Pollard

Lawyers appealing decision on ‘arbitrary’ parole conditions.

Jonathan and Esther Pollard

Pollard loses challenge to US parole conditions

Eliot Lauer, a lawyer for Pollard, said he was disappointed with the ruling and said his attorneys were studying it.

Jonathan and Esther Pollard

Pollard to US court: 'Vindictive' parole conditions because I want to live in Israel

Lawyers: US offers to trade spy in prisoner deal proves strict parole conditions unwarranted.

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