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Netanyahu: 'Land for Peace' formula ineffective for Middle East peace

'Land for Peace' is supported by the international community and has served as the legal basis for previous Arab-Israel agreements; 'Peace for Peace' says Israel should hold talks from strength.

A general view picture shows houses in the Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim, in the West

Land for peace

“Your country is making a huge mistake by pushing land for peace.”

Yair Netanyahu

Yair Netanyahu in Breitbart Op-ed: Land for peace doesn't work

Prime Minister's son declares, the “Land for Peace” formula leads in reality to “Land for War”.

Israeli soldiers.

Into the Fray: The depraved indifference of ‘two-statism’

It is becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile calls for a Palestinian state with concern for the well-being of the Jewish nation-state.


Modernizing the agricultural Sabbath

Science is called in to cope with the requirements of shmita.

palestinian protest

6 Arabs arrested in pre-Land Day violence in Jerusalem

Dozens of Palestinians riot outside Damascus Gate in capital; police use stun grenades to disperse crowd.

Child throws stone during Land Day protest

Amnesty International warns Israel against use of force in 'Land Day' demonstrations

Israeli Arabs will mark the annual Land Day on Sunday, with protests planned across the country.

IDF soldier looking over Jordan Valley.

Legal confusion: Why does Israel accept Jordanian law?

Israel’s policy of recognizing Arab land claims based on Jordanian law is anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist and anti-democratic.

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