Mark Regev

What are British Jews’ expectations of an Israeli ambassador?

The one outstanding requirement – as any Jewish Brit would endorse – is the ability to speak fluent, accentless English.

Ambassador Regev: Israel-UK alliance strong despite rise of antisemitism

In an exclusive sitdown, envoy to Downing Street Mark Regev speaks about bias, cooperation


Britain honors eight Holocaust 'heroes' for saving Jewish lives

"The moral conviction and bravery of the British heroes of the Holocaust should fill us with pride."

 Jeremy Corbyn

Labour's Jeremy Corbyn refuses to attend Balfour Celebration dinner

The Labour leader will instead send Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry in his place.

Israel's Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev.

Israel’s man in London: Ambassador Mark Regev will go anywhere

As ambassador, Mark Regev is involved in interfaith activities, and hosted an iftar dinner at his residence for members of Britain’s Muslim leadership.

President Reuven Rivlin (L) meets former secretary of state Henry Kissinger in New York

Grapevine: Balfour and the Brits

Life for Jews in Iraq became increasingly difficult with the rise of the Ba’ath Party.

Mahmoud Abbas

As I See It: Israel, not the West, stands for international law

The West maintains that Israel occupies Palestinian territory in the “West Bank.” This is untrue. There has never been any “Palestinian territory.”

 Jeremy Corbyn

Israel’s envoy to London: Redline crossed

"Leadership must not be neutral about anti-Semitism."

Mark Regev

Anti-Israel graffiti found defacing UK campus after ambassador's visit

A day after envoy Regev visited London's SOAS campus, protests erupted by anti-Israel activists demanding an apology from the university director.

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