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17-year-old indicted for participating in attempted lynch mob in J'lem

The defendant and the rioters climbed onto Hamed's vehicle, while in the background the rioters shouted "Arab Arab," and "We will kill him".

Police arrest 12 suspects involved in riots, assaults in Mea She'arim

Five of the suspects arrested on Thursday are reportedly under the age of 18.

Ibrahim Hamed, the driver accused of running over a man Sunday night in Mea Shearim

Arab who ran over man in Mea She'arim: I was sure they would kill me

“They wanted to kill me because I’m Arab. When I turned onto the street, they started attacking me and throwing rocks at me,” Ibrahim Hamed said.

Skunk spray, burning bins highlight gov't impotence to haredi resistance

"I don't believe in coronavirus," says recently recovered coronavirus patient.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews seen in the street of the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim on a rainy

Journalist attacked by haredi mob in Mea She'arim

When he left his car to retrieve the camera tripod, he was bombarded by stones and trash bags, as well as other objects. He has sustained multiple injuries.

Police allow participation of 300 hassidim in illegal funeral -report

The report indicated that the hassidim weren't wearing masks and did not keep the required distance from each other according to the Health Ministry's guidelines.

Extremist haredi men protest against jail sentences for draft dodgers.

13 arrested during protest in Mea She'arim, Jerusalem

A driver who was passing through the area was surrounded by several protesters who attempted to block his way and ran over several of them before escaping the scene.

This week in Jerusalem: A round-up of city affairs

Pisgat Ze'ev's new cultural institution has a 400-seat auditorium, space for workshops and courses, the only movie theater in that part of the capital.

Police officers close synagogues and disperse public gatherings in the ultra orthodox Jewish neighbo

200 Haredi protesters clash with police in Jerusalem

During a police patrol earlier on Thursday in the Meah Shearim neighborhood, stones and bottles were thrown at police. Three residents of the neighborhood were arrested

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