Meretz primaries

Israel has forgotten what normality is - Haredi Meretz candidate Kaplan

"There is nothing on the Meretz platform that a haredi person, that a person who has 'yirat shamayaim', fear of heaven [cannot support]."

Zehava Galon, Yair Golan spar over defining Meretz as Zionist

Following statements from Zehava Galon last week regarding Zionism and Meretz, her fellow leadership candidate Yair Golan took to Facebook to criticize her.

The new Meretz party after the 2019 primaries

Zandberg: Meretz will win 10 seats in April elections

Zandberg will lead the party into a Knesset election for the first time in April after she won Meretz's first leadership primary in March 2018.


Detained Conservative rabbi to head Meretz Party in municipal elections

Meretz party chair MK Tamar Zandberg welcomed Hayun’s decision to join the party saying it would strengthen the fight for liberal and pluralist values, which she said are currently under attack.

Jerusalem city hall in Safra Square

Religious woman running to lead Meretz in Jerusalem

“Putting a religious woman at the top of the list will help attract new sectors who can come if Meretz will only start reaching out to them,” the candidate said.

‘I WANT to hear what my lecturer thinks’ and ‘Everything’s political’ read signs held by Meretz supp

Meretz to hold first ever primary elections for party leadership

The party leadership race will be held on Thursday.

MK Tamar Zandberg

Meretz candidate Buskila: I still believe I will win party primary

“The significance of me leading Meretz is that human rights aren’t just written about, they are lived.”

Zehava Gal-On

Longtime Meretz leaders Gal-On and Gilon drop out of party leadership race

Seven candidates remain in the race, while the party has only five MKs.

MK Tamar Zandberg

Tamar Zandberg joins Meretz leadership race

Zandberg, 41, said she believes the time has come for Meretz to have young, new leadership after years of the press declaring the party tired, boring, and irrelevant.

Zehava Gal-On

Meretz leaders decide to hold leadership race on March 22

The party will hold a membership drive through February 17 that will allow thousands of new people to vote in the race.

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