nakba law

Nakba Day protest at Tel Aviv University

Arab-Israelis stage ‘Day of Catastrophe' rally at Tel Aviv University

The Nakba, translated from Arabic to mean "catastrophe," is the Palestinian narrative following the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.

Nakba Day

'We will return even if we have to wait another 67 years' says 'Nakba Day' protestor

Hamas tells protestors in Gaza that "resistance" is the only way to achieve the "right of return."

Nakba Day

Bills seek to outlaw anti-Israel activity on campuses in Israel

Yisrael Beytenu MK Alex Miller's bill takes aim at "extremist factors cynically taking advantage of Israeli democracy and academia."

University students protest Nakba Day

Israeli Arab protests marking Nakba Day met with peaceful opposition

Israeli Arabs hold event in lead up to Nakba Day on Thursday, Zionist organization "Im Tirtzu" holds counter-protest.

TAU Nakba Day counter-protest

Cabel attempts to cancel Nakba, Boycott and Communal Settlements Laws

Labor MK says three laws passed by previous Knesset limit freedom of expression.

The double Nakba

Had the Arabs also agreed to the '47 Partion Resolution, there would have been no refugees - neither of Arabs from Palestine nor of Jews from Arab lands.

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