operation moses

How do we change a mind-set?

Avi asks whether there is an understanding of the sacrifices his community has made.

Avraham and Ghent Kahati
Avraham Kahati: A clandestine rescuer of Ethiopian Jews

The average person would recognize the two most famous airlifts from Ethiopia to Israel: Operation Moses and Operation Solomon. Yet virtually nobody knows about the efforts of Kahati.

A dramatic, action-packed 2018

Hollywood will be taking on at least four thrilling Mossad operations in films slated for next year.

Musician Gili Yalo says: ‘Even if Israelis don’t understand the Amharic language, the melodies and g
Ethiopian-Israeli singer tells his personal story and that of a culture

Ethiopian-Israeli musician Gili Yalo sings about Operation Moses, the evacuation of Ethiopian Jews from Sudan during the 1984 famine to the 'Promised Land.'

Ethiopian girls make aliya
Is anyone listening?

It is 29 years since Operation Moses brought the first mass aliya from Ethiopia. Have we addressed the challenging reality of what it is to come from a country that is so very different from Israel?

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