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Demonstrators march during the annual Poland's National Independence Day in Warsaw

Kippah placed on Polish politician's head during political debate

Her party "bows down to Jews,” the man reportedly said. “They will sell this country for money.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks in Brooklyn synagogue, declaring war on antisemitism

Polish nationalists use antisemitic rhetoric at NY protest

Hundreds of people participated in the protest on Sunday in Foley Square and some employed antisemitic rhetoric.


Righteous Poles and their dangerous adversaries

Wpolie also have stories of Polish rescuers who faced retribution, not from the Germans, but from fellow Poles, when their help to Jews on the run came to light, as in the three stories that follow.


My grandmothers, the war survivors

I was there for the first time eight years ago with my wife and two children. I seldom have a knot in my throat, but that was the moment.

Polish Jews

Holocaust law response not responsible, says rabbi

Session at Limmud FSU in Warsaw addresses crisis with Jewish community.

1946 U.S. document reveals Poles treated Jews as badly as Germans did

The report said many Jews preferred to flee, even to Germany, after the war.

screenshot from the suspended Ruderman Family Foundation campaign video

US Jewish group pulls 'Polish Holocaust' video after causing outcry

The answer to the ‘Polish Holocaust Bill,’ is not inflammatory, hateful rhetoric such as this but, rather, discussion and dialogue based on facts,” said the executive director of JCC Krakow.

Birkenau concentration camp in Poland in the snow

Pressure mounts on Poland to back away from Holocaust bill

Antisemitism has resurfaced amid the debate over a bill that would criminalize suggesting complicity on the part of the Polish nation or state in Nazi Germany's crimes.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the ruling party Law and Justice, speaks during a joint news conferenc

Polish far-right gains influence over ruling political party

A resurgence of far-right sentiment poses a dilemma for the current ruling political party- a socially conservative group with a nationalist agenda.

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