Impossible Pork is here — but plant-based meat won’t be certified kosher

For Jews who keep kosher, the Impossible Burger has allowed some food experiences that would otherwise be off-limits because of the prohibition in dietary law on mixing milk and meat.

By Jacob Gurvis/JTA

No evidence COVID vaccine contains pork, causes infertility - report

An open letter signed by more than 70 medical doctors sought to quash conspiracy theories circulating that the vaccine contains products that are non-kosher.

Brown pig

Cultured pork next order of business for MeaTech

Israeli food-tech company MeaTech announced that it will dedicate R&D assets to expand its offering to include mass production of cultivated pork, the most consumed meat across worldwide.

Brown pig

Medieval Islamic Sicily ate pork, study finds

Despite pork being forbidden in Islamic dietary law, a study found evidence that it was consumed in the rural areas of Sicily while the island was under Muslim rule in the Middle Ages.


Jewish student forced to eat pork after missing football training session

If the student refused, he would have been kicked off the team, and the entirety of the squad would have been forced to run extra exercise drills for his defiant behavior.

Los Angeles pop-up The Bad Jew serves nonkosher takes on Jewish deli food

The Bad Jew has been selling homemade pork-based deli sandwiches, and people – including Jews – are gobbling it up.


Italy seized and destroyed 9.5 tonnes of Chinese pork to stop disease

The illegally-imported pig meat was hidden under a shipment of vegetables from China in a storage facility near Padoa managed by a Chinese citizen.

A wild boar roams in the snow near Kibbutz Merom Golan in the Golan Heights

Definitely not kosher: Haifa overrun by wild boars

It all started when the northern Israeli municipality halted efforts to keep down the pigs’ population.

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