rabbi berland

Berland to be indicted, again, for fraud, money laudering

Berland failed to report income he made from various services he provided as head of Shuvu Banim such as fundraising, parlor meetings, and advisory services.

Rabbi Berland indicted for promising followers healing miracles for money

The indictment said that Berland is the head of a cult with thousands of followers who treat his orders as practically divine commands.

Eliezer Berland.

Judge in Rabbi Berland case to have conduct reviewed over 'Mentos' jab

The quip was referencing the charges facing Berland, as he has been accused of giving mint Mentos as a curative blessing to terminally ill patients who paid him.

Rabbi Eliezer Berland's custody extended by judge

‘Give him a mentos’ quips judge to defense attorney for Berland, who is accused of giving fake medicine he blessed, including mentos candies, to the sick in return for payment.

Berland charged with defrauding the sick in scheme worth NIS millions

Six senior community official were arrested in December, in an alleged scheme by Berland and his associates in which he offered to bless terminally ill patients in exchange for large sums of money.

Recently arrested Rabbi Berland accused of death of daughter

After the arrest, Nurit Ben Moshe was interviewed by Army Radio: "I hope he will pay for his actions. I knew I was dealing with the underworld, I hope my daughter will be the last victim.

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