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PEOPLE WALK through debris in the center of Afrin, Syria, on March 24, 2018.

ISIS bride on Syria's war: I only saw America killing

Her words offer a snapshot of the feelings harbored by the followers and fighters of the hardline group who have poured out of the enclave by the thousand over the past month.

One of the playgrounds in Raqqa donated by the Free Burma Rangers.

Kids struggle to go back to school in post-Islamic State Raqqa

The children have lost out on five years of schooling.

islamic state

Operation Roundup: The final battle with ISIS enters last phase in Syria

A coalition spokesman said hard core ISIS fighters, including foreign fighters, still remain in the Euphrates river valley.

One of the playgrounds in Raqqa donated by the Free Burma Rangers.

Bringing hope to Raqqa after ISIS

Free Burma Rangers bring aid to liberated parts of Syria.

Fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces ride atop an armoured vehicle after Raqqa was liberated from th

In Syria's Raqqa, corpses still lie in the rubble

The Raqqa Civil Council has said it will take 5.3 billion Syrian lira (about $10 million) a year to restore power and water supplies, roads and schools.

Jim Mattis

Five reasons US comments on staying in Syria matter

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says US is shifting to stabilizing eastern Syria, which will mean more diplomats and contractors.

Ex-CIA chief: Let Israel buy bunker busters to deter Tehran

‘We are defeating ISIS, but leaving Iran, Russia and their friends in stronger position’.

Houses destroyed in Raqqa.

Russia accuses US-led coalition of 'barbaric' bombing of Syria's Raqqa

While US President Donald Trump just touted the victory of ISIS in Raqqa, the Kremlin is charging that the celebration is a US attempt to cover up the damage it wreaked.

A MEMBER of ISIS waves the group’s flag in Raqqa recently

Trump: Raqqa fall 'critical breakthrough,' end of Islamic State in sight

"With the liberation of ISIS’s capital and the vast majority of its territory, the end of the ISIS caliphate is in sight," US President Donald Trump has announced.


France's Macron: Raqqa's fall isn't end of battle against Islamic State

France has supplied weapons to the SDF, has special forces operating in the region and has been one of core countries bombing militants as part of the US-led coalition.

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