Ronni Gamzu

Gamzu praises coronavirus management in Rosh Ha'ayin

As of October 21, Rosh Ha'ayin had 136 coronavirus patients. The city has a population of almost 62,000.

Ultra-Orthodox residents walk through of the Mea She’arim neighborhood of Jerusalem, August 2020
Several ultra-Orthodox cities to be removed from red-zone list

"I call on all public in red cities, on the haredi public, to fulfill the regulations”

Coronavirus commissioner Prof. Ronni Gamzu
Coronavirus commissioner to church leaders: Elderly people deserve to live

“We see it day in and day out. Every day in Israel, we have 40 people who die," coronavirus commissioner Prof. Ronni Gamzu said.

COVID-19's moment of truth: Is losing inevitable?

Until now, many of the choices that the coronavirus cabinet has made have appeared rooted in populism and devoid of the best interest of the public.

Prof. Ronni Gamzu visits the Druze village of Julius on October 10, 2020
Commissioner Gamzu: Local authorities can manage coronavirus

Ronni Gamzu also stressed the importance of being tested for the virus.

Prof. Ronni Gamzu speaking at inauguration ceremony of Shield of Israel headquarters, Airport City.
Gamzu: Still uncertain if morbidity declining nationwide

Gamzu said that those who compare COVID-19 to seasonal flu “do not understand” the disease.

Israeli army Technicians carry out a diagnostic test for coronavirus in a IDF lab in central Israel
COVID-19 will stay with us until 2021, new IDF evaluation states

According to the IDF's new evaluation, coronavirus will be staying with us until the end of 2021, and a working vaccine will only reach shelves in July 2021.

Four in 10 people diagnosed with coronavirus are haredi

Death toll hits 1,600 • Netanyahu warns restrictions could be tightened already on Monday

Coronavirus czar Prof. Ronni Gamzu
Gamzu: Public nonchalance, government mismanagement reason for lockdown

The corona commissioner also accepted a portion of the blame himself, claiming that he understands the gravity of the decisions he makes and that they can affect lives as well as livelihoods.

Israel's colossal coronavirus failure - analysis

The public must hold up a mirror to itself.

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