Save a Child’s Heart

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Girl from Myanmar undergoes cardiac surgery in Israel

Eight-year-old Hannah had to be granted a special permit to fly to Israel for treatment because of civil war in Myanmar.

From Myanmar to Israel: Doctors wish child 'Merry Christmas'

Physicians from three religious backgrounds came together to wish little Hannah, brought to Israel from Myanmar by Save a Child's Heart, a “Merry Christmas.”

All Ethiopian Jews must be brought home to Israel

In Gondar, the center of Ethiopia’s historic Jewish community, 10,000 members of Beta Yisrael wait anxiously to immigrate to the Jewish state.

Bahrain's ambassador to Israel visits Palestinian children at hospital

Save a Child's Heart works to bring children from around the world annually to undergo life-saving heart treatments in Israel.

Save a Child’s Heart Africa to bring Congolese children to Israel

Save a Child’s Heart is the first Israeli organization to receive the United Nations Population Award in recognition of its humanitarian activities.

How Save a Child’s Heart provides lifesaving cardiac care to children

The NGO Save a Child’s Heart provides lifesaving cardiac care to children who do not have access to the necessary treatment in their home countries.

Uri Geller uses NFTs to raise money for Save a Child's Heart

Save a Child's Heart is a charity working for over 25 years to help bring lifesaving heart care to children worldwide.


Winning Israel’s battle for hearts and minds, literally

At Save a Child’s Heart, our mission is simple - to provide life-saving procedures for children suffering from heart disease who have little access to care in their own countries.


Save a Child's Heart wins award from UAE-based Abrahamic Business Circle

Save a Child's Heart is known for its efforts in bringing children suffering from cardiac problems to Israel for treatment, especially from countries where access to medical support is more limited.

Save a Child's Heart saves life of Ethiopian child despite pandemic

SACH and the Wolfson Medical Center team managed to save the life of Benjamin, a 6-year-old child from Ethiopia, who landed in Israel for urgent cardiac treatment.

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