suez crisis

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Could terrorists cause the next 'Ever Given' crisis?

Exploring how piracy or Iranian naval strategy could be adapted by terrorists to strike chokepoints, Israel and other stakeholders can get ahead of this threat.

On this day: Suez Canal construction begins

The canal's importance was reaffirmed in March, when the massive cargo ship "Ever Given" got stuck there, causing a major commercial disaster.


Suez blockage requires Israel to rethink route - opinion

Considering that the effect on the arrival of goods from Asia to Israel was not significant, one still needs to remember that nonetheless there was a delay of some two weeks.


Passover, Suez and traffic jams in Egypt - opinion

This is not the first time in history that an impassable sea passage in the Egyptian region has caused a huge crisis.


Suez Canal: 'Ever Given' crew may be under house arrest, face charges

A formal investigation into the cause of the accident has been launched.

Egypt mummy

Did a pharaoh's curse cause Suez Canal crisis, other Egyptian disasters?

Many had feared a supernatural cause for many of Egypt's woes, having tied it to plans by Egypt's Tourism and Antiquities Ministry moving of 22 royal mummies to a new permanent exhibit.

A handout picture released by the Suez Canal Authority on March 24, 2021

Ship backlogs from Suez chaos could take months to clear

"Even when the canal gets reopened, the ripple effects on global capacity and equipment are significant," the world's largest container shipping company Maersk said in a customer advisory on Monday.


Suez Canal Crisis: Ship blocking canal may be due to human error

Human error accounts for anywhere between 75% and 96% of maritime accidents.


Suez Canal ship still stuck, tugs and dredgers still struggling to free it

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has ordered preparations for the possible removal of some of the ship's cargo to help refloat it, SCA Chairman Osama Rabie told Egypt's Extra News.


How much did the Suez Canal blockage cost?

With some $400 million an hour lost in international trade and some 240 ships now waiting to cross, the blockage is a global problem.

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