Tamar Zandberg

Air pollution is linked to socioeconomic ranking - survey

The first study of its kind conducted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection examines the location of emissions into the air according to the socio-economic ranking of the local authority.

Woman recycling (Illustrative)

Shufersal to introduce a fleet of reverse vending machines amid recycling crisis

Following a shortage of deposit stations for recyclables, the Asofta corporation is partnering with Shufersal to make bottle recycling more accessible.

Israeli environmental protection minister to meet OECD counterparts in Paris

Zandberg, who became Environmental Protection Minister just last year, will serve as the OECD forum’s deputy chair.

Chaos engulfs government as Israel approves five new Negev towns

A screaming match broke out between left-wing and right-wing ministers as the Israeli government approved the construction of five new towns in the northern Negev region.


Anti-sexual harassment laws passed, applied to Meretz party

"I am happy we became the first party to add harassment prevention guidelines into our bylaws," said MK Tamar Zandberg.


Climate crisis: Here's how Israel will fight the next big fire

A new plan approved by the government will create buffer zones around towns and cities near forested areas to prepare for what's ahead.

Tamar Zandberg

Bird flu: Tamar Zandberg ends Israel's hunting season amid outbreak

"The move will prevent the continued spread of avian flu, while keeping hunters safe from the dangerous and contagious disease.”


Bird flu outbreak spreads, Bennett instructs close tracking

After hundreds of thousands of hens were put to death, bird flu killed thousands of cranes in one of Israel's worst wildlife disasters in its history.


Israel must do its part to fight the global environmental crisis - editorial

Israelis are known to be some of the biggest consumers per capita of disposable plastics in the world.

Giant compost machine christened in Tel Aviv

Israel's largest composter was christened on Tuesday in Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Center with Environmental Protection Minister Tamar Zandberg in attendance.

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