Weekend Walk: Ambling through Amikam

Despite reports of rain this weekend, check out Moshav Amikam near Zichron Yaakov for some great views and a surprise spring.

Moshov Amikam 311 (photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
Moshov Amikam 311
(photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
Despite making the headlines for many of the wrong reasons last year as part of the scandal involving Maj.-Gen. Yoav Galant, Moshav Amikam is actually a very quaint place that offers great hikes and wonderful scenery.
After parking the car in the parking lot, take the black trail and enjoy a steady climb up the side of a hill where a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea awaits.
Then pick up the red trail which loops back around the mountain. Once blue signs start to appear, take that route. Stop off under one of the many trees for a break and something to eat. Continue on the blue trail which leads back to the moshav. This version of the hike should take between four to five hours.
Head back towards the entrance of the moshav. Just after the entrance, and before the parking lot, take a left at the vineyard where there is a sign for the moshav. Walk about 500 meters to the stream. Take a left and follow the stream until there is a break in the vegetation where a beautiful spring lies. Although weather reports suggest that it might rain this weekend, this spring is well worth visiting.
To reach Moshav Amikam, take Route 4 to Binyamina then take Route 653 towards Givat Ada. Take a left onto Route 654and then a right onto Route 6533. Follow the road straight until signs for Amikam appear. Just before the entrance to the moshav there is a parking lot on the left.