Weekend Walk: Ein Lavan

With summer really on its way, cool off in a beautiful spring located in a quite setting near the biblical zoo in Jerusalem.

Ein Lavan 311 (photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
Ein Lavan 311
(photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
Ein Lavan is a beautiful spring located in the Refaim River Nature Reserve on the outskirts of Jerusalem. It can be reached by car, but it can also be reached by taking a short hike which makes taking a dip in the water even more special.

The spring is located near the Biblical Zoo which is easily accessed both by using a private vehicle and public transport. Once at the zoo, walk to the end of the parking lot and follow the dirt track towards the mountains. On your right you will see some old ruins and on the left some stunning scenery of the Jerusalem Hills. Once at the spring, take advantage of the clean fresh water and take a dip to cool off from the summer heat. There is also plenty of space to do a picnic and relax. Once finished at the spring, enjoy a stroll back to the parking lot or hitch a ride with someone who has their car waiting outside the spring. To reach the Biblical Zoo, drive to the end of the Freeway at Golomb Junction on Begin South Freeway. At the traffic light, turn right (towards Kiryat Yovel). At the next traffic light, turn left (under the bridge) and follow the signs to the zoo. Bus routes 26, 33 and 99 all go to the zoo. There is also a train station located right at the end of the parking lot.