Weekend Walk: Moshav Amikam

As the weather heats up, take advantage of the Pessah break and go hiking near Zichron Ya'akov then take a dip in a natural spring.

To reach moshav Amikam, take Route 4 to Binyamina then take Route 653 towards Givat Ada. Take a left onto Route 654and then a right onto Route 6533. Follow the road straight until signs for Amikam appear. Just before the entrance to the moshav there is a parking lot on the left.
From the car park, take the black trail and enjoy a steady climb up the side of a hill where a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea awaits.
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Then pick up the red trail which loops back around the mountain. Once blue signs start to appear, take that route. Stop off under one of the many trees for a break and something to eat. Continue on the blue trail which leads back to the moshav. This version of the hike takes about 4-5 hours.
Head back towards the entrance of the moshav. Just after the entrance, and before the parking lot, take a left at the vineyard where there is a sign for the  moshav. Walk about 500 meters to the stream. Take a left and follow the stream until there is a break in the vegetation where a beautiful spring lies. Take a dip and cool off a good day of hiking.
Remember that sunscreen, head covering and plenty of water are all a must.